Why WWE Should Reinstate the Cruiserweight Division: 7 Guys Who Would Benefit

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Why WWE Should Reinstate the Cruiserweight Division: 7 Guys Who Would Benefit
courtesy of wwe.com

Back in the glory days of the Monday Night Wars, WCW proved that fans would tune in or come to arenas to see cruiserweight wrestlers compete.  

Some future legends were born in these "small man" matches, including Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio.  It's time to return these high flyers to the spotlight.  WWE needs to reinstate the Cruiserweight Championship.

Ever since Raw expanded to three hours, the WWE creative team has had a difficult time filling all of its programming hours with a quality wrestling product.  Re-instituting the Cruiserweight Division would help fill some of the dead spots on Raw and Smackdown.  WWE might even consider having a cruiserweight match of the week on its newest show, Main Event.

With a cruiserweight division intact, WWE could feature some stars who are not getting much TV time right now.  Young, unproven acts could be matched against some of the more skilled workers on the roster in order to hasten their development in matches that matter.

Having most of the smaller guys competing in their own division would free up the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship for stars who are either transitioning into or out of the main-event picture.  

Having former World Heavyweight and WWE Champions competing for these secondary belts would raise the stature of these now largely meaningless titles.

Having a cruiserweight division would also give WWE the ability to feature a different style of wrestling for part of each show.  Cruiserweight matches tend to be faster-moving and feature more high spots than matches featuring bigger guys.  This is another way that WWE can draw a new fanbase to its TV and PPV audiences.

Here are seven current superstars who would benefit from the re-establishment of the Cruiserweight Championship in WWE:

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