Colin Kaepernick, Stand-Up Guy, Tattoos and All

Jonathan Simkins@@JonSimkins13Contributor INovember 30, 2012

'Faith' and scripture verses adorn Kaepernick's arms
'Faith' and scripture verses adorn Kaepernick's armsHannah Foslien/Getty Images

Eek! Everyone run away! Colin Kaepernick is coming!  Look at those muscular prison-like arms teeming with icky tattoos.  He’s probably just violated parole, defiling his bodily temple like that, my word!  Clearly he is not someone to model our children after. 

Son, you take down that Kaepernick poster right this second and go cleanse your mind with thoughts of someone pure!  Someone without tattoos!  Have I met him?  Well, no but I…but he…but tattoos…Yes I suppose I am the most monumental idiot in the history of the universe. 

Minus the admittance of being an unparalleled bigot and imbecile, these were the sentiments echoed in a recent comedy, I mean sports article, written by the very tattoo-free David Whitley (via SportingNews).  It doesn’t take much detective work with his piece to realize how pathetic Mr. Whitley’s 13th century views are. 

If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking in such an outdated point of view, here is the link.

Note: Even the people at AOL have distanced themselves from Whitley’s opinion.  Shocker.

Delving into the first sentence alone, Kaepernick’s name is mentioned along with “the guys in San Quentin.”  What a suggestive correlation you make there Methuselah.  I’m a white guy with a fully covered back and two sleeves worth of ink.  According to Whitley’s flawless logic, I suppose that immediately ties me into the Aryan Brotherhood.  And all this time I thought I was a normal guy.  Woe is me!

How Whitley’s piece (the purpose of which could only be to serve as toilet paper after I finish dinner with my very non-criminal friends who also are adorned with an abundance of ink) could even leave an editor with enough of an impression to publish it is beyond the understanding of the entire nation.  

Colin Kaepernick isn’t just NOT a criminal, he’s a great kid.  He was a phenomenal student, is close with his adopted parents, and does more for the community than David Whitely probably has in his 924 years of life.  To label him any way other than being a great person and talent is comical. 

Toward the end of his masterpiece, Whitley notes that Kaepernick’s “ink-covered arms will one day raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  Imagine the impact that could have.”  Yes David, imagine the impact.  Imagine how GOOD of an impact it could have. 

Our society is a constantly evolving one.  We break down old stereotypes and barriers that previously prohibited people of different skin-colors or beliefs from accomplishing acts of greatness. 

The NFL, more than any other organization, has been at the forefront of breaking down societal barriers.  A devotion to team, city, and sport transcends moronic stereotypes such as the one David Whitley enjoys. 

Colin Kaepernick possesses that very type of devotion.  He’s devoted to his family, to his belief in his religion which is artistically portrayed on his arm through biblical verses, and to the San Francisco 49ers

If Colin Kaepernick lifts the Lombardi Trophy one day, it certainly will have an impact, and it’ll be a damn good one.  As that trophy is raised, another idiotic stereotype dies