Cricket Close To Our Lives

Dann KhanAnalyst IMarch 21, 2009

Hello every one

I just wanted to express the happy feeling of our Bleacher Cricket community about Prithvir Solanki and then later Nick Howson, both of whom became the first writers from cricket to get onto the main page of B/R.

But I will not express my feeling in the form of boring and long paragraphs. I will become the first bleacher creature to do it in the form of a poem. All I want to show is our faith in cricket and how it is connected to our lives

A Message to Cricket:


O' great cricket


If life was a stump,

We would want to be a stump

As we would find the our ultimate protector

The Batsman

Always guarding us


If life was a stump,

We wouldn't want to be a stump

What if our protector falls to the bowler

We would be rattled!


If life was a cricket ball,

We would want to be a batsmen

With the ball(life) being delivered to us on a platter

Without any work done from our side


If life was a cricket ball,

We wouldn't want to be a batsman

What if we edged our life away to a fielder!


If life would be a cricket pitch,

We would want to be the sun

Watching our own lives (from the sky)

And seeing the curator take care of it and leaving no work to us.


If life was a cricket pitch,

We wouldn't want to be the sun

It would be painful listening to people criticizing your life.

Calling it a bad pitch


O' great cricket,

I can go on with the wants and wouldn'ts

But it is of no use


Important is what, it shows


It shows our care for you.....

It shows our praises and crazes about you.......

It shows your intensity around us


Therefore, I beg and plead

Make us rise and fly

And let Bleacher Cricket try

To be successful, resourceful and a faithful servant to you


As all we want is your reign to spread


And to make new paths for the cricketing generations to come