Charlie Weis, You ARE Fat and Ugly, but That's Not the Problem

Bare KnucksAnalyst IMarch 21, 2009

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 29:  Head coach Charlie Weis of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish walks on the sidelines during the game against the USC Trojans at the Memorial Coliseum on November 29, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by: Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Charlie Weis will be featured on ESPN’s “Sunday Conversation” this upcoming Sunday during SportsCenter.

During the previews shown on ESPN, Weis can be heard telling the interviewer that he claims to not care when people call him overweight, or even ugly (well, Charlie, you aren’t good-looking, and let’s face it, it’s no secret that you are rather large), but he really struggles with the personal attacks on his character from fans and people that don’t even know him.

Well Charlie, you can hardly blame fans of Notre Dame for harboring some feelings of ill-will towards you. After signing Weis to a six-year, $12 million contract, Fighting Irish fans expected greatness from you.

A product of the New England Patriots’ coaching pedigree, Charlie was supposed to be a savior for a program that went 6-5 in Tyrone Willingham’s final year.

After Weis’ first two seasons he had amassed a 19-6 overall record, and brought the Irish to back-to-back bowl appearances. Notre Dame, however, would go on to lose both of those games.

Following that 2006 Sugar Bowl loss, Weis has only managed to go 10-15, with no more post-season appearances.

Notre Dame is one of the richest schools in the NCAA, in terms of tradition. Every year, more and more top talents sign on to wear that gold helmet.

Notre Dame is one of those schools that no matter how poorly they do the previous season, you can bet they will have a solid recruiting class because of what the school stands for. They are a lot like UCLA or Duke in basketball.

In Weis’ 2006 and 2007 recruiting classes he has had nine All-Americans, according to USA Today. With so much top talent flowing through South Bend, how can Weis be anything but apologetic regarding his team’s results the last couple years?

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