Wrestlemania 25 Preview: The Money in the Bank Ladder Match

BrianContributor IMarch 21, 2009

This year the WWE will host the Fifth Annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 25 in Houston. Since its inception, every holder of the MITB championship contract has cashed it in to win a World Title.

Who will be 2009's Mr. Money In The Bank? Here is a detailed look at all of the competitors in this years MITB Ladder Match at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania.



The new United States Champion looks to continue his hot streak with a win on the grandest stage of them all.

MVP has yet to win at Wrestlemania, losing to Chris Benoit in a US Title Match at Wrestlemania 23 and losing in the MITB match last year at Wrestlemania 24.

This year MVP has momentum on his side—but will WWE's creative team allow a champion to win this match?

It wouldn't be the first time a superstar held the MITB briefcase and a singles title simultaneously. If you recall, Rob Van Dam won the Intercontinental Title while still holding the MITB briefcase in 2002.


Shelton Benjamin

The Gold Standard dropped his US Title this past week on Smackdown. Perhaps this means that WWE Creative has decided to push Benjamin toward greater things.

Benjamin has competed in, and lost, three out of the previous four MITB matches.

Would Shelton use a MITB contract to force a rematch with MVP? Could we even see a US Title Match immediately following the MITB if Benjamin wins?



Finlay will be competing in his second MITB match this year. Finlay is a solid worker, and is likely in this match to be the receiver of some big bumps and help put some of the younger, more exciting wrestlers over.

He has to be considered a giant underdog, but he will surely provide at least a moment of comic relief with Hornswoggle in tow.



Upon Captain Charisma's return to the WWE, many fans were disappointed with his placement on ECW. After losing his ECW Title match against Jack Swagger, Christian looks to right the ship at Wrestlemania.

Christian, one of the superstars who participated in the first MITB at Wrestlemania 21, will be making his return to Wrestlemania.

With the Draft looming on the horizon, maybe Christian's peeps will get to see him cash in a title opportunity as a part of the Raw or Smackdown roster, or perhaps he will be looking for a second shot at Swagger.



The Big Red Machine, like Christian, will be competing in his second MITB overall and first since Wrestlemania 21.

After an impressive ECW Title victory at last year's Wrestlemania in Orlando, Kane looks to follow up with an even more impressive win in this grueling ladder match.

While big men and ladder matches often do not mesh well, Kane has been the exception to this rule. His agility for his size is often unmatched, and he has proven that he can hold his own in a match like this.


Mark Henry

The World's Strongest Man will be competing in his first MITB match, and his first Wrestlemania match since losing to the Undertaker in a casket match at Wrestlemania 22.

Like Finlay, it is highly unlikely that Mark Henry will be able to win this match, however he will make for a nice, soft cushion for Kingston, Benjamin, Christian and Punk to land on.


CM Punk

Last year's winner looks to become the first man to ever win back-to-back MITBs. This will be Punk's third consecutive Wrestlemania competing in the MITB.

After recently dropping his Intercontinental Title to JBL, Wrestlemania 25 could be the perfect opportunity for CM Punk to vault himself back into the World Title picture.


Kofi Kingston

Kingston looks to make a huge impact in his first Wrestlemania match.

Kingston has the goods to pull off some excellent spots in this ladder match, but it may be too early in his career for a victory of this caliber.

He doesn't seem quite ready for a World Title push, but he very well may create a memorable Wrestlemania moment in working his way there.


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Shelton Benjamin