Am I a Fantasy Basketball Expert?

John LorgeSenior Writer IMarch 21, 2009

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Week by week I am giving the fantasy-heads on b/r my advice on whom to pick up and whom to trade for.  Before the season, I came out with an entire draft guide that I applied to my seasons.

Now that we're nearing the playoffs in H2H leagues and the end is in sight for most roto leagues, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the leagues I'm in and let you see how well my tips work.

I will evaluate the nine Yahoo! leagues the Seattle SuperSonics are in this year, four public and five private.

Public Leagues

League One - Live Draft Roto League - Eighth Place

With the second pick, I snagged Chris Paul then Tim Duncan, Rudy Gay, Lamar Odom, Kevin Durant, and Jamal Crawford.

Lamar Odom?  I know, but this was before Phil Jackson decided not to start him. 

My team was solid; Tyson Chandler was a blunder pick but I snagged O.J. Mayo in the ninth round and Spencer Hawes in the 12th. 

On Dec. 27, I traded Duncan and Mayo for Josh Smith, Andre Iguodala, and Monta Ellis.  Even though Smith has under-delivered I still feel I came out on top.

Before the Bynum injury, I dropped the under-producing Odom for Carlos Boozer.  It was an OK move but not one I was proud of.

My major flaw in this league is that when I traded Duncan it left me with two centers, and Chandler is really half a center.  I am -19 games at that position and trying to play catch-up.  My roster is -41 games total.  I am rotating guys as much as I can, so hopefully I will climb into the top half of the league by season's end.

I am in last place in turnovers. 

League Two - Autopick Roto League - First Place

This league is a lock.  LeBron James was the third pick of the draft, followed by Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford, Brandon Roy, Ben Gordon, and O.J. Mayo.

The draft was solid, but I was able to pick up Al Harrington, Peja Stojakovic, and Corey Maggette.  I then rolled Maggette and Gordon into a trade for Kobe Bryant.  The King and The Black Mamba?  Lights out!

The only team close to me has already exhausted his utility spot and the other positions are close, so lock it up.

I am in last place in turnovers.

League Three - Live Draft Roto League - First Place

With the fourth pick, I drafted Amar'e Stoudemire, which was a great pick until his eye was poked out.  I also drafted Steve Nash, Jason Richardson, and Kevin Durant. 

Fantasy purists, this next part will upset you.  One team was having a fire sale of his roster; crazy trades were going up and getting shot down left and right but nothing had passed yet.

Instead of watching my team get left in the dust, I participated.  The team actually countered my trade offer with Tony Parker, Shawn Marion, and Dwight Howard for my Jeff Green, Spencer Hawes, and Russell Westbrook.

Although the names were very heavy on one side of the deal, the stats were actually fairly even (on Dec. 25).  I'm not going to lie though; I got a steal.

First place isn't finalized, but the second place team is running out of games.

I am last place in turnovers.

League Four - Live Draft H2H League - Fourth Place

I did not like having the eighth pick of the draft and I was left with Kevin Garnett; not bad, but I should have picked Danny Granger, who went 12th.  I also drafted Allen Iverson, Andre Iguodala, Antawn Jamison, Greg Oden, and Tyson Chandler. 

What was I thinking?

I was able to make a few solid additions throughout the year, finding Randy Foye, Corey Maggette, and Al Harrington on the waiver wire.  Mike Dunleavy gave me a good month and a half and Monta Ellis is now starting to come on strong. 

I have clinched a spot in the playoffs and now it's on my shoulders to navigate my team to a title.

Private Leagues

B/R 20 Team Elimination Style League - Autopick Roto League - Third Place

This league is very tricky because every two weeks a team is eliminated and their players are drafted from the bottom up.  If you hang out around the bottom all year you will be too far behind to win, but if you start at the top you may never get the players you need.

The one flaw in the league is that the Commish who set it up made it a 90 game per position max instead of 82.

I was very lucky to get the first pick and drafted Chris Paul.  On the turn in rounds two and three, I drafted Jason Kidd and Brandon Roy.  I had locked up steals, assists, and assist-to-turnover ratio.

I was able to get some solid players through the eliminations, the best being O.J. Mayo, Al Harrington, and Randy Foye. 

Now that the league is near the end, I am trying to get points here and there, hoping the leader gets chipped away and runs out of games.  I am -67 in center games, having only played Joel Przybilla most of the season.

Friends League - Live Draft H2H - First Place

Once again, I was lucky enough to get the first pick of the draft and, once again, I took Chris Paul.  Next, I used a bizarre strategy, drafting Jason Richardson, Andre Iguodala, and Vince Carter.  To round out the ultimate team of dunkers I added Richard Jefferson and Corey Maggette (who I quickly traded for LaMarcus Aldridge).

I've been in first place from start to finish and now all I need to do is put on in the playoffs.  The only major move I made during the season was picking up Samuel Dalembert off the wire.

Work League - Live Draft H2H - Fourth Place

This league is an eight-team crapshoot.  Dwyane Wade (fifth overall) was a great pick, but I then busted on Shawn Marion, whom I expected to have a great year. 

There isn't much to say about this league, with the talent on all of the playoff rosters anything could happen.

Work League - Autopick Draft H2H - Third Place

This league is fun because there are only seven position slots and 11 roster spots, which puts more pressure on the managers.  Ten teams and smaller roster sizes also keep the free agent talent pool well-stocked.  The scoring also includes field goals made and free throws made, so player values are shifted.

With the third pick, I selected Kobe Bryant. Dwyane Wade might have been a better pick, but I can't complain with Kobe and he was much less risky.  I then picked Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, and Vince Carter.

I only had one point guard (Kirk Hinrich) and it was killing me, so I traded Carter for Jason Kidd. 

Off the wire, I have upgraded with Kevin Martin, Ben Gordon, and Gerald Wallace.  I also traded LaMarcus Aldridge for Jose Calderon recently so I could have two very good point guards going into the playoffs.

I am confident about my chances in this league; I have a well-rounded roster that is ready to explode.

Random League - Live Draft H2H - Fourth Place

This is a 15 stat category, 15 roster spot (12 position), 10 team madhouse.  With the ninth pick, I drafted Dwight Howard first then Danny Granger on the turnaround.  I followed that up with Kevin Martin, Carmelo Anthony, Gerald Wallace, and Corey Maggette.

I had good late picks of Shaquille O'Neal, Jameer Nelson, and Ramon Sessions, but my team has lacked a point guard since Nelson's injury.

My team has battled injuries every week but everyone seems to be getting healthy at the right time.  I am predicting that I will be the upset special in the playoffs.


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