The List Shop Grand Opening: Top 5 Under Appreciated Wrestlers In WWE

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2009

Whew it's been a while since I wrote on here. I have been very busy.

Well I hope you like my store. Isn't it nice? The List Shop. Look over there is an ancient collection of "Best of" Videos from WCW and WWF. Of course over here is your new stuff like "WWE Presents:The Essential Starrcade."

If you want written stuff I even have some articles in the back like Josh Swell's take on the top matches that changed wrestling history or my own take on dream matches we will never see.

Of course this is a grand opening so I will need to give you something new, no?

Well how about a discussion on the top five under appreciated wrestlers in WWE?

Now this list wasn't easy. I had to find a way to keep it at five. I wanted to do a list of 10 but I decide to keep it a low number because there are a few guys that really jump out at me over the others.

Perhaps hardest is that in reality there are a large number of guys in WWE that are under appreciated. It is almost impossible to put them on any kind of list unlees I wanted to spend hours working on a top 25. (sorry I won't)

So here is my look on the top five most under appreciated wrestlers in WWE.


1. Matt Hardy: There really isn't anything I can touch on this discussion that hasn't already been touched on. Matt Hardy is just as good if not better than Jeff when it comes to actual wrestling.

Jeff may take more risks which is probably one of the reasons for his endearing popularity. Of course wild face paint, and his "enigma" persona helps.

Perhaps it comes down to the fact that Matt Hardy just doesn't seem to have the "it" factor.

Regardless Matt is great in the ring and has made countless contributions to young up and comers careers over the past few years. (Swagger most recently) 

He has kept clean and has remained loyal to the company even during the chaos that erupted in his personal life several years ago that lead to his firing and subsequent re-hiring. 

He has even made several attempts to re-invent himself over the years (including the current "black hearted brother" character)

Yet Matt Hardy always seems to find himself caught in midcard purgatory. His greatest accomplishment to date has been a brief and mediocre run with the ECW Title. While he wastes away at the bottom less deserving wrestlers always seem to pass him by.

Hopefully Matt Hardy will ultimately find himself wrapping a World Title around his waist before the end of his career. If nothing else than to reward him for a productive career. But if history is any indication for the older Hardy chances are not looking good.


2. Christian: Christian has always been seen as nothing more than an enhancement talent in Vince McMahon's eyes.

Some may say that his current lack of push stems from Vince's bitterness about Christian jumping to TNA, but even before he made the move he never really saw the light of day as a regular main-eventer.

Christian has all the tools. He can wrestle. He can talk. Contrary to popular belief (in WWE) he has a solid look (Benoit and Guerrero never really looked like 'stars" but they both ended up at the top of the ladder for brief burst of the later years of their careers) and most importantly he is massively popular.

In TNA he definitely proved that he could carry a company on his shoulders. He participated in some of the best storylines and matches that TNA has offered since it's conception.

Yet still in WWE he will probably flounder desperately just to maybe one day be a part of a throwaway main event on a nothing pay-per-view. 

The only way I can ever see Christian throwing the WWE Title over his shoulder is if Vince decides to put him in a solid storyline and Christian ends up making Vince massive amounts of money.

But Vince probably won't ever give him the chance.


3. CM Punk: Perhaps the most criminally underrated wrestler of this generation. He's already held the World Title, ECW Title, World Tag Titles, &  Intercontinental Title. He is a previous winner of the Money In The Bank ladder match and a King Of The Ring 2008 finalist.

Yet CM Punk isn't even a regular performer on WWE television. And it seems like when he is performing he gets jobbed out more than he wins!

This young kid's career is in a sad state of affairs right now. Slowly but surely Punk's stock is falling and it won't be long (unless WWE does something quick) before he becomes "just another guy."

Or even worse WWE's next enhancement talent extraordinaire.

WWE for some reason or another just won't give Punk a chance to shine. It might be his size, his questionable attitude, or the fact that he still seems to not completely grasp the concept of a "WWE match" and may never.

It's a shame because if given the ball CM Punk could run with it. He knows very well how to control a character and microphone. If he were changed heel WWE would have another hot commodity on their hands.

And if he were allowed to cut loose his own unique style of mat based wrestling meets high flying MMA more freely then WWE could see the beginning of a new style of "WWE" match.

However as of right now WWE seems content to allow Punk to get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully the light flashes on sooner rather than later that this kid could be a big star.


4. Finlay: Finlay is a sad case. It seemed like only a few years ago that Finlay was on his way to getting the first true main event push of his career.

And then it all went downhill.

Finlay is a fantastic old school wrestler. Along with William Regal, Finlay is keeping the style of yesteryear alive while adding his own unique touch of hardcore brawling to the mix.

He has also show himself to be a surprisingly good performer. His intensity last year when JBL was beating on his "son" in a cage was very well played. He has even had some now legendary brawls with erstwhile WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley.

Speaking of Lashley, Finlay is another wrestler who has had a hand in many young wrestlers careers. Both in the ring and backstage Finlay has proven a invaluable aid to young would-be stars.

His reward? He's stuck with a midget and looked at as nothing more than a act for kids. And he only gets to tack wins on his record with a interference or a well placed shillelagh shot.  

I sincerely hope WWE will give Finlay his attitude back one day. The intense, violent, visceral Finlay could easily carry his own in a semi-main event program.

The happy go lucky Finlay he is now will probably see him riding of into the sunset, slicking his heels, and looking for gold elsewhere.

Finlay deserves to at the very least taste a bit of glory. Not running around looking like a goof who can't win cleanly to save his life anymore.


5. Kane: Kane, Kane, Kane. Oh where do I begin with you?

Kane has been the resident monster for years on WWE programming. He has also been the best resident monster on WWE programming for years.

He has been involved in some of the most famous (and infamous) angles in WWE history. He has developed over the years one of the most unique and frightening persona to ever enter the squared circle.

He has given everything he has to the business and especially for WWE. He has given blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours of his life to perform for the company.

He has never had a problem putting over both old and young talent alike.

He suffered through one of the worst gimmicks in history in Issac Yankem only to return with a vengeance as the big red machine Kane.

Heck if you really want to sum up Kanes value to WWE look at all the years and big men WWE has gone through trying unsuccessfully to replace him. Gene Snitsky, Heidenreich, Boogeyman, Nathan Jones, & Matt Morgan are just a few of the names that have stepped up to the plate and struck out. Mike Knox is the newest challenger.

And yet Kane has had a only a 1 day World title reign in his credit and was even forced to give up the most successful part of his gimmick: his mask.

Kane is without the most underrated big man in WWE today.

I can only hope that he will be allowed to get a solid title reign before the end of his days at WWE because right now Vince uses him as nothing more than a stepping stone.

Give the man his credit. Please?


So there you have it the top five most underrated wrestlers in the WWE. Yes there are some big names that should be on here but these are the top five that stand out the most to me right now.

If I had done a top 6 the next name would most definitely be Shelton Benjamin. But I will let my fellow write AkD tell you how much of a shame it is that Benjamin isn't a world champion right now. He can hook you up better than me.

Hopefully all these wrestlers will be remembered one day for something bigger than what they have to their legacy right now. In the end it is up to the big man in charge Vince McMahon. If only we could give him the eyes of a fan for one day.

Well that's it. Hope you enjoyed the grand opening of my store. I'll be back soon for the next item and but until then you can always come to talk to me in my office.


~Joe D 


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