5 Possible Scenarios for Alberto Del Rio and Rosa Mendes Love Connection

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IINovember 29, 2012

5 Possible Scenarios for Alberto Del Rio and Rosa Mendes Love Connection

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    One of the slower developing storylines on WWE television is the budding romance between Alberto Del Rio and Rosa Mendes. 

    The two performers have been flirting on WWE television for several weeks, and all indications are that the interest is mutual on either side, but the big question is where such an alliance may lead.

Mixed Tag Rivalry with John Cena and AJ Lee

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    One of the big issues that faces the WWE, if the company plans to keep John Cena allied with AJ Lee for a concerted amount of time, is the lack of couples for them to feud with.

    The combination of Del Rio and Mendes could be perfect for this role.

    A struggle between two power couples could be a very lucrative plan for the WWE as they attempt to draw in casual fans.

    A feud like this would naturally take on a story that closely resembles the type of tales shown in soap operas, as it involves love and rivalry. Such a tale will have the potential to entice less wrestling-orientated viewers into watching WWE’s shows. 

    The natural attractiveness that all four performers have would also be a advantageous situation for the WWE, as it could use this to positively advertise the product. 

    This is certainly a strong possibility for where the love connection may go.

Forming a Latino Faction

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    Despite flirting with Del Rio, Mendes has not dropped her managerial responsibilities with Puerto Rico tag team Primo and Epico. 

    This opens up the opportunity to unite this team with Del Rio and his manager Ricardo Rodriguez and create a Latino faction. This could really help revive Del Rio’s character, who has been on a sustained losing streak in championship matches for the whole of 2012. 

    Creating a faction around Del Rio could give the talented Mexican time to alter his character a little to help him connect with audiences more, before launching a renewed assault on the World Heavyweight Championship later next year.

    With several lose alliances prevailing around the WWE, at the moment, it is potentially a rich time for inter-faction conflict to emerge. The forming of this Latino faction could just be the spark needed to get the fight started.

Rosa Mendes Becomes a Gold Digger

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    Coming in as a Mexican aristocrat, money has never been a problem for Alberto Del Rio’s character. He has always been well-presented, living the life of luxury which is represented every time he comes into the arena in a new expensive car. 

    Giving Rosa Mendes' expensive tastes that reduce Del Rio’s ability to spend money—plausibly leading to financial difficulties later in the angle—could open up a completely unseen side to Del Rio’s character.

    Certainly, it would be the first time that Del Rio has been seen as truly vulnerable. Considering his aloofness during most of his run, it could reveal underlying insecurities that would round out his character, and help explain some of his motives. 

    There is even the possibility for this to explain some of his previous actions, like why he believed that being a great wrestler was in his destiny. 

    Certainly, any angle that explores Del Rio’s motives is a good thing for his future prospects.

Ricardo Rodriguez Jealousy Angle

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    Not every potential angle from this love connection is necessarily going to be good, and one dodgy idea that could emerge from this set up is a jealousy storyline involving Del Rio’s current manager Ricardo Rodriguez.

    Rodriguez has been Del Rio’s constant companion since both men were brought into the company, but their relationship has never really been examined with any real scrutiny. 

    The addition of Mendes to the situation could bring this to the forefront of people’s thoughts, and the WWE may feel they have to address the relationship between Del Rio and Rodriguez at the same time. 

    There is a real danger that Del Rio and Rodriguez could turn into the WWE’s own poor imitation of Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers. 

    On a positive note, it will be hard for the WWE to create a worse angle than one of their previous jealousy angles, as Rodriguez is unlikely to scream “Mommy” and chase after Del Rio like The Blue Meanie did to Goldust.

Angle Never Goes Anywhere

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    This may seem overly negative—especially considering the rather more exciting possible prospects that could occur—however, a romance between these two characters has been broached before. 

    Del Rio and Mendes were seen to be flirting around WrestleMania 27, but Edge’s injury—and the scramble to create a new storyline promoting Christian into the main event—meant the angle was dropped without much fanfare. 

    It may be the WWE writing team are resurrecting that planned storyline, which suggests the angle could be dropped again should another injury occur, and Del Rio be asked to step in once again.