Ronda Rousey Tries to Fit in Healthy Amount of Sex Before Any Fight

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 29, 2012

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Forget the notion that sex robs an athlete of their stamina because Ronda Rousey is a firm believer in the more the better. 

The MMA star recently proclaimed her love of sex before fights, proving once again she is as outspoken as she is talented. 

Yahoo! Sports reports the 25-year-old was on Jim Rome's new Showtime show, a place where naughty sports stuff can finally be discussed, like (gasp) sex. 

For girls it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight actually. Not with like everybody, I don't put out like a Craigslist ads or anything, but if I got a steady I'm going to be like, 'Yo, fight time's coming up.'

Do you hear that future or current "steady"? If you want be with this girl, pre-fight rituals will be of the very demanding variety. 

Not that you will be complaining all that much. 

This marks just another moment of honest discussion with Rousey because she sounded off on this very topic before. 

Back in August, Rousey was on with Conan O'Brien and dished on relations before fights. 

She isn't just outspoken on the most familiar of acts because she found time back in July to completely destroy Kim Kardashian on the ESPY's red carpet

So what we have here is a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and let all you fans deal with it. 

I love it. 

The Strikeforce Bantamweight Champ is preparing for UFC, a much-anticipated debut. We are a nation that loves our athletes to be amazing and entertaining.

Rousey is certainly both. 

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