LSU Football: 5 Reasons Every Recruit Should Want to Play for Les Miles

Sean MerrimanCorrespondent INovember 30, 2012

LSU Football: 5 Reasons Every Recruit Should Want to Play for Les Miles

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    The five most important aspects in recruiting are as follows:

    1. Proximity to home

    2. Early playing time

    3. National exposure

    4. Coaching and teammates

    5. Winning

    For standout prep athletes playing down South, this recipe should point to LSU being the ideal college football program for prep athletes.

    Les Miles has done a great job in building this LSU program since he arrived in Baton Rouge back in 2005.

    Why is that?

    Let's find out as we got ahead and break down these five aspects and explain why recruits should want to play for Les Miles and the LSU Tigers.

Early Playing Time

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    If you take a look up and down LSU's depth chart, you will find a ton of freshmen and sophomores who not only earn playing time, but are currently starting for the No.7-ranked LSU Tigers.

    On offense, the teams top running back, Jeremy Hill, is a freshman. He has rushed for a team-high 631 yards and 10 touchdowns this season. His 130 carries are 50 more than the next running back, Kenny Hilliard, who by the way, is only a sophomore.

    On the offensive line, true freshman Vadal Alexander showed up in camp ready to compete for a starting job, and now he is the Tigers' starting right tackle for the Tigers. His partner in crime, right guard Trai Turner, is also a freshman.

    Flipping the switch to the defensive side of the football, the Tigers are loaded with young, talented players that contribute.

    Kwon Alexander, Ronnie Feist, Lamar Louis and Jalen Mils have all made significant contributions on the defensive side of the football for LSU.

    In other words, Miles dosen't sit freshmen simply because they are freshmen. If you are good enough to play, Miles will find a spot for you out on the football field, which recruits have to love.

National Exposure

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    Every top-notch college recruit wants to be on TV, right?

    Well, at LSU, that is pretty much a guarantee every weekend.

    Nine of the Tigers' 12 regular-season games this year were broadcasted on either ESPN or CBS.

    Because of that, the college football world quickly got introduced to the likes of Zach Mettenberger, Jeremy Hill and Odell Beckham Jr., guys that weren't exactly household names at this time last season.

    Again, nine out of 12 games on ESPN or CBS—how's that for national exposure?


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    Make no mistake about it, every recruit wants to play for a football team that wins games.

    Well, since Les Miles arrived in Baton Rouge back in 2005, he has posted a 85-20 record during his time at LSU. That includes a 5-2 record in bowl games, three of which were BCS games.

    Miles has posted a 47-17 mark in the SEC, which is widely known as the top conference in college football. His LSU teams have finished first or second in the SEC West Division in seven of his eight years coaching there.

    They say that "winning solves everything," right?

    Well if that's the case, then the question any recruit has about going to LSU or somewhere else should be answered rather easily, correct?

    With an 85-20 record in eight years, I'd say so.

He Does It the Right Way

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    This isn't Ohio State.

    This isn't Miami of Florida.

    LSU players aren't receiving improper benefits or selling off their championship rings.

    From what we know and see on the outside, Les Miles and this LSU football program do things the right way.

    Obviously Tyrann Mathieu chose to not follow that route, but that was a personal issue, not a team-based issue.

    More often than not, people question the ethics of the SEC Conference, but let them question away because as far as LSU goes, all seems to be good with Miles roaming the sideline.

    For an incoming recruit, what more could you ask for?

Chance to Play with the Best

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    LSU plays in a great football region, and Les Miles has done an exceptional job of recruiting that region during his time in Baton Rouge.

    Since his arrival in 2005, Miles has landed a top-15 recruiting class every year. Six of those nine recruiting classes have ranked in the top 10 nationally.

    The bottom line here is that this guy simply knows how to recruit, and he does an exceptional job at locking down top-notch players within his region.

    If you are an elite high school talent and want to play with other great players, LSU sure seems like a good choice.

    Miles has the track record to back that up.