My Anti-Commentary: Power Against the Prejudicial Press

Robb HumphreyCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2009

As you will tell from reading this, I was mad and offended. Please take no offense if you are a Gator; it is unintended...

You can find the article and response here:,0,1113239.column



Good morning to you, sir. I hope you are having a wonderful start to your morning...

Let me be the first one to destroy it for you, as you have for me...

You are without a doubt the most prejudicial example of libel I have EVER seen within a newspaper, printed or online. Regardless of the fact you are all probably sitting up there behind your desk with Florida degrees behind you on the wall, are you a NEWSPAPER or a TABLOID? I'm pulling toward the latter one...

This is complete garbage, commentary or not. You know, looking through the years, I have come to realize one thing:

"Florida is jealous of Florida State."

Yes, you can pick your jaw up and close your mouth, I said it.

Well, why, when you all have countless NCAA tournaments in several different sports, many more than a former all-female college?

Why, when, you all play us EVERY year in EVERY sport to decide who are the elite within the State, the Governor's Cup, etc...and usually slaughter us, evidence from our previous few games?

Why, when you have a Humanitarian Quarterback who was the first to win the Heisman as a Sophomore, runner-up as a Junior?

I figured it out this morning...

...because of the press and prestige we have within the nation.

...because of the camaraderie FSU has amongst its university heads and team staff.

...because of the atmosphere Tallahassee presents itself (I actually got keyed my last trip to Gainesville; we don't like the Gators, but your vehicle will always be secure in Tallahassee, because we respect personal property of the fan...)

...because, including your beloved Gators, FSU is also front page newsworthy and usually comes unscathed regardless of the incident.

You want to know the real reason Steve Spurrier didn't come back to you all? Ron Zook, see what he's done with Illinois...

Because of YOU, the Orlando Sentinel aka the Orlando Enquirer who decided a long time ago that its fun to pick on a legend, because you lost yours. In fact, let's show the nation our disgust with the fact Big Brother FSU is getting all the glory and not our beloved Florida Gators...

Since this is a blast against your prejudicial writers and not against Florida itself, I will not remind you of the umpteen players that were involved in team violence before a Bowl game, nor the fact that the NCAA has punished your program as well in the past...

What I will remind you is that your Staff Writer Andrew Carter is fair to both teams equally and even placed that in its own article...

A commentary is meant to be your view as a outsider looking in and your professional opinion AFTER the facts are in. What this is you have produced is written slander of a University and also of a National Football Team, as you attacked Arizona as well.

You don't think the Cinderella teams can make it against the more elite, because that isn't good news unless it happens. You know what that makes your paper, Mr Bianchi? A bully.

You, my fellow writer, are now a staff bully, maybe the leader.

Let me introduce you to respectful commentary done by sports writers who actually care about what they write about vs. the spewing hatred that flows from your articles...

If you see me in there, drop me a line. I love to debate, and it would be a privilege, I assure you.

I do guarantee you this though; you won't be able to bring your nastiness in there or you will be ejected rather soon.

You guys need to have the city examine your paper in the same way you suggest the NCAA should bury least Andrew knows he's welcome in Tallahassee...

Enjoy the rest of your day, Mike.

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Robb Humphrey


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