What Type of Sports Fan Are You?

Matt ConstantCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2009

SAN DIEGO - MARCH 16: Cuban fans support their team as they play against Mexico during the 2009 World Baseball Classic Round 2 Pool 1 Game 3 on March 16, 2009 at Petco Park in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

What type of sports fan are you? There are different types all over the place. There are loud fans, small fans, stupid fans, and annoying fans. There are smart fans, casual fans, and so on and so forth. Here are the types of fans there are in sports.


1. The Casual Fan

Nothing else on TV?

You will watch a little bit of a football game even though it doesn't really capture your undivided attention. You frequently miss games, or just don't care to watch them. You don't follow stats, scores, and win-loss record. You just watch if you are bored.


2. The "Manifest-Destiny" Fan

You fans truly believe your team is invincible and cannot be defeated. You believe your team must conquer everyone else and commit blow outs every game; They must destroy their opponents, and do it without honor. You only care about winning and destroying people, nothing else.


3. Die Hard Fan

You know the stats, numbers, positions, and pretty much everything there is to know about your favorite. You never miss a game, even if your wife is going into labor. You live for the game and die without it. You never give up on your team and you never have doubts about them.


4. Loud Fans

You scream, you shout, you get told to shut up on numerous occasions. You put passion into watching the game that you eventually scream, even if there is no one around. Your emotions get the better of you numerous times.


5. ADD Kid

You are a jitterbug and can not sit still during a game. You get up and walk around often, shaking with excitement. You are the kid they kick out of the stadium for being a potential threat.


6. Rioting Fans

Your team wins? You riot.

Your team loses? You riot.

You just go to sports games to riot. You decide that if you start it, people will follow. You get over excited about the game and start punching people and stealing televisions from stores.


7. Drunk Fans

You watch the game just so you have an excuse to get drunk.

Before the first quarter is over, you are already over the limit. Drinking and watching sports is a bad combination, because when your team loses, you drink some more and eventually pass out.


8. Media Whore

You are so annoying. You wave posters around and paint yourself and scream all game long.

We get it, it's your first game and you love ESPN, now put away the posters and put a damn shirt on.


9. Heckler Fan

You harass the athletes, you harass the opposing fans, you harass the coaches. You harass Philip Rivers so he comes over to you and starts yelling. You are the fan that likes to piss people off.


10. The Know-Everything Fan

We all hate you. You think you know the sport down to a pinprick, but everything you say is completely and absolutely wrong. You're a fool.


11. Angry People

They get to the game and they are just pissed. Your kids don't go near you for fear you will kill them and everyone gives you a few feet of space to vent.


12. The Nerd

You watch sports so you can try to impress people. Sadly, you don't understand the sport and you are scared of all the big people. Especially girls volleyball, that stuff is scary.


13. The Hot Fan

Girl + Hot + Sports fan = amazing.

That's you.


14. I Want to be on TV Fan!

You scream, you shout, and you throw things at the camera just to be on TV. That's all you care about.


15. Bandwagon Fan

You go with what ever team is winning. You buy 10 different football jerseys from different teams every season.


16. Conspiracy Theorist

Sports and commissioners are out to screw you and your team over. :D


These are just a few types of fans there are.

Any I missed? Mention them below.


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