The Nickel: Smackdown Rebound:Taker/HBK, The Love Triangle & More, 500th Episode

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 21, 2009

Orton and Triple H

I was hoping for Randy Orton to be on the big show, but he wasn't. Though Triple H did a great promo, It couldn't make up for Orton's absence. Triple H had a match against Koslov, which was disturbing.

Ever since he's lost is "undefeated" streak, he's been getting beat just like everyone else. It happened to Khali and Umaga, now Koslov. HBK ended the streak, Taker whooped him after, and Triple H takes him out as well.

He won the match, but nothing happens. He just walks away, in fact I think a commercial break is given. Sorry Trips, but you needed Orton tonight as well as Smackdown needed him as well.

U.S. Title Match

The match I was waiting for. MVP vs Shelton Benjamin for the U.S Title. I already read the spoilers on the match, but I wanted to closely observe the match for clues or foreshadowing. Tazz gave more praise than usual to a certain someone.

Shelton was clearly dominating MVP for most of the match. They went back and forth at times, which produced great counters and stuff. Benjamin even hit the T-Bone suplex, which should have finished MVP.

The ballin' superstar kicked out and the match raged on. Ultimately, Shelton would find himself in MVP's Playmaker. MVP got the pin and became new U.S. champion. Hmmm, I wonder what happens from here?

Taker and HBK

I was a bit disappointed here. On RAW, HBK gave Taker one mean superkick. HBK fought Taker's brother, Kane on Smackdown. Kane actually put up a good fight and worked the match well, bravo.

He delivered some mean uppercuts, even did that old flying clothesline on the top rope after he countered HBK's elbow drop. Kane was relentless in his match, but it was HBK who won with a sweet chin music, which surprised an unexpecting Kane while he was going for the chokeslam.

HBK celebrated and I was just waiting for th lights to go off or for Taker to catch him on the stage, but nothing happened. Again?! What happened to transition? Taker comes out and cuts a promo on HBK just like Triple H did for Orton.

He tells him that he'll catch im on his own terms. He has a match against JBL, who will defend the IC title against Rey Mysterio. JBL actually did a good job.

He tried to ground Taker with submissions. JBL even hit Taker with a clothesline from hell, too bad he kicked out. Taker gets in the the Hell's gate" submission and made JBL tap out.


500th Episode of Smackdown. No R-Truth, Randy Orton, Legacy, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Christian. I thought that more superstars would come out on this milestone night. It is shame.

The night felt more like a regular Smackdown. The absence of stars surely did impact the show. I also apologize for thinking it was three hours, I read information incorrectly.

Edge/Cena/Big Show and Vickie

There was no match, just confront Big Show fighting Edge for Vicke's love. This angle has gotten way out of hand, I don't even know If I would still put it on the WM25 card. They seem to close out every show...welcome to the main event people.

Edge speared Big Show on RAW after a much needed beating on Cena took place. It spilled over to Smackdown , where Show is livid. He and Edge got at in the ring and are separated by Vickie.

She urges them to relax as the winner of the WHC match at Wrestlemania XXV will win her heart. My goodness, this crap needs to end. Cena came as usual and curt a promo. He got into the heads of Edge and Taker and forced them to start arguing.

As Cena disappeared, the two kept grabbing Vickie. Show shoved her down and Edge speared her. Show and Edge continue to fight as Vickie was on the floor. Eventually Vickie was picken up by Big Show, who tried to carry here away.

Edge drops Show on his knees, where Vickie is slammed onto the mat. Fed up, Big Show chokeslams Edge as he is furious. He picks up vickie and leave. What is this, KING KONG?!

Other than Vickie getting destroyed, the segment didn't really glue me in. Smackdown as a whole, was decent. This week overall was boring as Wrestlemania XXV nears closer.