WWE News: Hardy Boys Reunion 'Very Likely' in the Near Future

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistNovember 28, 2012


In a recent interview conducted with Matt Hardy by Passing the Torch Radio, Hardy commented on the possibility of the Hardy Boys making an appearance in the WWE next year, reuniting as a tag team.

Simply put, his answer was—"Very likely" (h/t Wrestling Inc).

His reasoning was due to him being a free agent, currently working in the independent scene and occasionally for Ring of Honor, and Jeff Hardy's TNA contract expiring this February.

While this very well could happen, it may just be wishful thinking on Matt's behalf. Jeff Hardy is the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion and left the WWE primarily due to TNA being a bit more lax with his lifestyle and scheduling (although his lifestyle has vastly improved after his incident with Sting at the TNA Victory Road PPV in March of 2011).

Jeff Hardy isn't even primarily focused on a WWE return, as recent reports state that he will most likely take some time off from wrestling to recover from injuries after his TNA stint is over (h/t Wrestling Inc).

Matt Hardy was not much of a commodity during most of his WWE tenure anyway, as most of his success stemmed from his alliance with his brother.

As a singles competitor, he mildly experienced success, most notably feuding with the Undertaker (early during his first heel run) and MVP, as well as reigns as Cruiserweight, US and ECW Champion.

During the latter parts of his WWE career, Matt was so frustrated with his direction that he made several vlogs about it, eventually being released by the company.

If Matt Hardy is indeed correct about a Hardy Boys return to the WWE as a team in the future, he certainly shouldn't expect the glory days of the duo to be relived. The tag team scene is better than it has been for a number of years, and now—admittedly—is a good time for them to be included.

However, as the premier tag team, they've had their spotlight—now it's time for other teams to shine.


Would you like to see the Hardy Boys back in the WWE as a team? Comment civilly below.

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