The WWE and Its Product Are Moving on the Right Course Heading Toward 2013

David LevinSenior Writer IINovember 29, 2012

We may not all agree on what we like and don't like with professional wrestling, but maybe we can all get along for a little bit while reading this featured column.

The WWE, for all its lost momentum (at times) and its confusing writing and promos, is moving forward in the right direction.

That is something I truly believe.

Maybe that means the company is starting to move John Cena away from the main event and is willing to see if other wrestlers, such as Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow, can carry the torch in the future.

Maybe it means the company is finally comfortable with the idea of CM Punk being able to hold the banner for another 30-something-days and then challenge The Rock at the Royal Rumble. (I think that makes for a great main event, but it also causes a media disaster for the company and Hollywood.)

I am not impressed with the idea of the Cena/AJ Lee love story, but I see how it is a great arc for a program between Cena and Ziggler. It could be something special, like Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels.

I see the value in having Vickie Guerrero take a last stand for a dying era, one that might soon give way to a younger, more "intense" generation. I also see that this in some way is our new "Attitude Era." We all better get in line with if we are going to enjoy wrestling in the present and the future.

For what it is worth, wrestling is the soap opera that lingers, much like the villain on General Hospital, or the fact the Young and the Restless is as stagnant as a skit with Santino Marella. Having our superstars and heroes around year after year (after year) is a good thing for us but a boring thing for episodic television.

There is only so much the writers can do that has not been done before and recreation of an old scene is not going to make us happy because the first version is always the best (unless it is Star Wars).

There are reasons why Ryback is not the WWE Champion right now.

There are reasons why CM Punk and his “respect” card are being played like a broken record.

There are reasons why John Cena’s act, although old at times, is still pretty good and better than some of the shtick we have seen in the past. People tune in to cheer and boo, just like any other sporting event.

It just so happens the the WWE has spent years worrying about what people think of a guy in shorts and a green shirt more so than anyone else, and we would say the same thing if It happened to be another wrestler.

The WWE has finally realized it needs to promote Ryback and Ziggler and Team Hell No with as much fever as it did years ago when there was one champion and 30 others wanting to hold the brass ring. You can blame Vince McMahon’s greed and desire to be the only one raising a banner of importance on that. By the way, that hasn't completely worked, either.

As the new year approaches and new matches are created and feuds materialize, the WWE can move forward and be proud of the product.

At least for now.

It is only when it decides to stub its toe that problems arise. And for the next six weeks or so, it could be said the WWE should be pain-free, unless the company trips over itself trying to plan something exciting for January.

Then everything built will crumble and nothing will be gained from what was built in the first place.