Drew Rosenhaus: A Good Influence on His Clients?

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IMarch 20, 2009

Going into this new year, it seemed Drew Rosenhaus’ biggest challenges would involve Plaxico Burress’ legal trouble and whether or not Terrell Owens was staying or leaving Dallas

Just when you thought the wide receiver clients he represented couldn’t screw up more, Donte Stallworth decided to get into the action by driving drunk. But he didn’t stop there. To top Owens and Burress you have to go to extremes.

Stallworth did that, hitting and then killing an innocent bystander.

For those of you who can’t recall Rosenhaus by name, he’s the guy with ever increasing gray hairs on his head who tries his hardest to steal camera time away from his clients. 

You may remember him as the guy who could not seem to take his arm off of T.O.’s shoulders during the press conference announcing his signing with Buffalo. I guess you can’t blame him for his hands on, or shall we say arms around approach.  After all, Owens is probably not only his biggest meal ticket, but lately his only meal ticket.

It seemed Owens was living the high life until Rosenhaus got his claws in him.  He had signed a deal with the Eagles and had taken them to an NFC Championship in his first year.  He would not get to finish a second with the Eagles, as he and Rosenhaus collectively demanded more money (or something, who the heck ever knows with Owens). 

Aside from the question to former Lions coach Rod Marinelli, (regarding having his son in law as his defensive coordinator) “Do you wish your daughter had married better”, the best question a member of the media asked in a press conference was to Rosenhaus, asking, “What have you done (for T.O.) other than get him thrown off the Eagles?”

A redeeming aspect to Rosenhaus is that he once saved the life of a drowning boy by performing CPR.  Call me a skeptic, but part of me believes Rosenhaus real motivation was that he thought the boy might have swallowed a nickel and was trying to suck it out of him.

Now it’s hard to exactly identify Rosenhaus as the cause of many of his player's, shall we say, problems, but you have to admit that any press is good press, and getting your name in the headlines, even for negative behavior, is still getting your name in the headlines. 

Just ask Donte Stallworth, whose name flashes every few minutes at the bottom of the ESPNEWS ticker.