Boston Red Sox: Looking to Sign the 'Three Amigos' This Offseason

Jonathan CullenSenior Writer INovember 28, 2012

Cody Ross is one of three players who could help rebuild the Sox.
Cody Ross is one of three players who could help rebuild the Sox.Winslow Townson/Getty Images

This report from CBS Sports' Jon Heyman makes a lot sense, even if it isn't particularly earth-shattering or very sexy to Red Sox nation.

Heyman says the Boston Red Sox are looking to sign Cody Ross, Nick Swisher and Mike Napoli.

The "Three Amigos." You could easily see all three of those players and Jonny Gomes wearing sombreros and acting like a bunch of kids.

For a team with a lot of holes and not a lot of personality, that would be a good start.

Maybe the thought of spending $100-plus million on Josh Hamilton is too much and the Sox feel they could spend that same $100 million, fill multiple holes on the roster and not wonder where Hamilton is at every hour of the day or if he can handle the Boston marketplace.

I've made my feelings clear on all three players to whom the Sox are talking.

The flexibility that Napoli and Swisher would give you is tremendously valuable. Although neither is a great player, both could move around the diamond and cover different positions.

Ross for three seasons is an overpay, but maybe one the Sox may feel comfortable with given the state of the free-agent pitching market.

All three players would have a huge impact on the Red Sox clubhouse, something that can't be overlooked, especially with the Sox bringing in a new manager, potentially infusing a lot of young players and all of the issues the team has had over the past two seasons.

And if the Sox finally came up with a stud catcher or first baseman or outfielder? Great, you can still move these guys around to get them at-bats, and they will be on short enough contracts that you can move them if you absolutely have to.

It is also very telling that almost all of the rumors concerning the Red Sox have revolved around offensive players.

Does anyone really want to spend $90 million on Anibal Sanchez? Anyone besides his agent?

It looks like the thought process for the Sox might be to rebuild the offense in order to make it a viable force in the American League, bolster the bullpen and try to win a lot of 10-8 games early in the season.

The Sox's young pitchers might be ready to come up and support the team at midseason for the stretch run. 

It is a formula that the A's used last year with their young pitchers with much success, ending last season with a rotation made up entirely of rookie starters.

The Orioles also managed to win a wild-card spot last year with a no-name starting rotation and an extremely strong bullpen.

Maybe the Sox have looked at these two opponents' recent success as the blueprint for 2013 Boston Red Sox to get back to the playoffs.