Liverpool Transfer News: Reds Must Hold on to Luis Suarez

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Liverpool Transfer News: Reds Must Hold on to Luis Suarez
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Luis Suarez's status with Liverpool has been the subject of intense speculation over the last couple of months, but it seems that the rumors are true. The forward could be on the move during the transfer window, and there is at least one team that is intent on pursuing him.

According to Charles Perrin of the Daily Express, Chelsea and Manchester City are two of the teams reportedly pursuing Suarez.

And this spells bad news for Liverpool, which would certainly be reluctant to part ways with its most exciting offensive asset, all financial considerations aside. 

For too long, there have been mixed messages in terms of Liverpool's intentions as far as Suarez is concerned. Some reports claim the Reds are desperate to hold on to him, while others insist that some of his controversial on-the-field antics—such as biting Otman Bakkal, for which he was banned seven games in 2010 while playing for Ajax—have weakened Liverpool's interest.

Judging by what Reds manager Brendan Rodgers told Perrin, though, he's not all too eager to part ways with his star. Rodgers said:

He is a good man and a wonderful player and if you work with him, you see why managers will love him and why supporters idolize him. He gives it his all. He trains very day and is never injured and is never in the medical room. He is an absolute dream.

But personality aside, the Reds need him, and the last thing they can afford is to let Chelsea get its hands on him. The Reds are already in 11th place in the Premier League in 2012-13, and Chelsea is sitting pretty in fourth. If Liverpool has any intention of climbing those standings, it's going to need all the help it can get. It's going to need Suarez.

Thus far in 2012-13, Suarez has tallied a Premier League-leading 10 goals and two assists in 13 games. Throughout his career, he's been known for his scoring prowess and energy. He can be a loose cannon—most recently, he was banned for eight games for allegedly using racist language to Manchester United's Patrice Evra—but Liverpool needs his impact. It can't afford to lose it and let him get away to one of the Premier League's top teams that is in desperate need of a striker. 

Liverpool has struggled enough this season as it is. The Reds are 3-7-3, and Suarez's offense is their one bright spot. 

Suarez may be intense on the field, and it may get him into trouble. He may hurt himself with his inability to stay cool. But Liverpool would hurt itself more by letting him get away.

As Rodgers said, he's the kind of player any manager would love to have—and that's obvious from Chelsea's and City's interest. That should be an indication to the Reds that they shouldn't let him escape.

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