Are Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns Signs That WWE Is Moving Forward?

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistNovember 28, 2012

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“We saw things heading in the wrong direction.  We stepped in and righted those wrongs.”

Seth Rollins gave that line on Monday Night Raw with a straight face, and the wrestling world finally received the answers they had been searching for.

“Where honor no longer exists, we’re going to step in.”

Oh Dean, not you, too.

As far as explanations go, the fact is, it is what it is.  WWE creative had to find a way to justify the recent attacks perpetrated by Seth, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns the past couple weeks on TV.

And being a “shield from injustice” was the reason they came up with.

Is it a great answer?  No.  Does it keep the storyline moving, satisfying fans in the process?


For me, it’s hollow reasoning, the type that could only see the light of day in the world of WWE.  We’re all very aware that blindsiding Ryback, a baby face, when his back is turned is a cheap move.  It’s cowardly, it’s vicious and it’s underhanded.

It’s a heel tactic.

But the only ones who supposedly don’t agree are the trio from NXT who look more like a SWAT team than pro wrestlers at this point.  They claim that they would have interfered for either CM Punk or John Cena if the situation had been a little different.

Right.  And Grizzly Adams had a beard.

Classic Happy Gilmore reference aside, I think it’s a safe bet that when we heard the claims being laid out by the Shield that many of us likely shook our heads and decided that it was best to just move on.  No reason to get caught up in the details.

At least that’s what I said.

After all, the bigger picture here is that three developmental talents have been called up to the main roster, and that is something new, something different.  WWE did not reach the heights that they have in the industry by consistently featuring washed-up veterans, workers who were years past their prime.

Cultivating younger talent is what Vince McMahon does.  Some are hits, some are misses, but no one can deny the company’s commitment to pushing forward with new, fresh faces on their talent roster.  

And that is apparently what we’re seeing now.

The younger talent working in NXT are there in hopes of getting this kind of opportunity.  The farm system is in place for a situation exactly like this and it’s expected that these three would-be Superstars will be able to step up and make it happen.

Just imagine what this means for not only WWE, but for its future.  Could this move mean the company is potentially going to turn the corner?  Before you say no, think about who is currently being featured in WWE right now.

Ryback is getting more spotlight than some fans feel he truly deserves, but he is getting over and every week is another chapter in his ongoing saga.  Whether we like it or not, Ryback is a Vince McMahon guy and he’s not going anywhere.

Damien Sandow is using his self-righteous persona and talent in the ring to make waves every time he’s on camera.  One look at this guy, and you just know that he gets it.  He understands who he is and what he has to do to get over in WWE.

The Miz’s recent face turn has inexplicably taken some of the focus off of WWE’s apparent refusal to feature him and suddenly, he’s the flavor of the moment.  But for a good segment of the audience, there has never been any doubt as to the guy’s potential or his ability.  Now, it seems as though he is finally getting a real chance to move up.

Dolph Ziggler is one of the best talents in the company and is one three-count away from becoming World Champion.  Every week he continues to impress and every week he has the match of the night. Dolph is quite possibly a legend in the making.

Add Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, Antonio Cesaro, Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett and even Daniel Bryan to  the mix, plus the new trio of Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns, and I believe that a real spark is beginning to happen in the House that McMahon built.

And we’re likely just getting started.

No, I’m not overly thrilled with the Shield’s explanation as to their actions in WWE.  But it’s a minor point that can either be fleshed out, or even changed, at a later time.  For me, the more important issue is that perhaps WWE is now doing what they have always done.

They’re starting to move forward again.  And I personally cannot wait to see what happens next.