Kumar Makes a Column: The Implosion Has Begun....

KumarCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009

My Latest Gripe. RNN. The Manifesto. The Soapbox. Word Life. Rumor Mill. Revolution.  

These are the names of the series that carry B/R. I’ve decided to make myself part of the elite by contributing one of my own.

As for the name? The Implosion? The best way I write is to write myself when I’m self-destructing on wrestling. It’s my rant, and I just create a helpful and harmless implosion.

I thought about it for 4.24 minutes, exactly, and while I was spitting on one of the printed copies of the plagiarized articles on B/R (talking to you, Alberto). As I was listening to how Eminem puts Hydrogen Peroxide in his blonde head, I saw a chance.

If Em can combine enough Morphine and something else to make his output for the day, maybe I can combine humor, news, and my strongly stated opinion (I don’t have an ego, I just slice it out just right), maybe I can cook up a little something….

This is just a column. I’m not going to expect 30 comments and 300 reads on all these articles. You really don’t know what you’re going to get with this, and maybe something different comes out of this every day.

One day, I’ll steal Joe Burgett’s spot as B/R Correspondent (notice how he’s not the anchor).

Another day, I’ll take Shane Howard’s spot as Humor King (watch out, sucka).

AkD, you’ll just get dissed based on your love (lust) for Shelton Benjamin.

Josh, TJ, and Ray, if you guys can’t uncover scandals, I’ll do it for you.

You won’t expect anything. This will just be a column I can use to voice to B/R, not the world. No lists, or literary pieces on here, just my opinion, sliced out more than Obama’s Stimulus Plan.

This’ll just start out something. People will get called out. Articles will just get dissed. Labels gone. This is the start of the truth.

The Implosion has just begun...