Andray Blatche's Cheap Shots at Washington Wizards Clear Sign He Hasn't Matured

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Andray Blatche's Cheap Shots at Washington Wizards Clear Sign He Hasn't Matured
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As we all know, the Washington Wizards have started this season out a bit slow. They're 0-12 and have had just a few games thus far that were even within their grasp. Apparently, Andray Blatche seems to have taken some sort of joy out of seeing the Wizards struggle.

Blatche took took three shots in Brooklyn on Monday. He made one and missed one in the game against the New York Knicks, then he lobbed another one at Washington after the final buzzer sounded:

This is all interesting, especially after Blatche came out in the beginning of October, just after the Nets signed him, and told everybody that he was done thinking about the past, that he didn't want to dwell on it.

"Now I’m moving on. I can’t do over the past. It would make me bitter and hold me back from what I’m trying to do."

Well, Blatche's preoccupation with the Wizards goes beyond an off-the-cuff comment in the locker room after a game. A lot more was said in a radio interview this morning when Blatche was asked about his time with the Wizards.

Blatche talked about how he was hurt by the booing fans, the discord between himself and the front office, but when he went further he seemed to contradict himself, especially when talking about him being out of shape last season:

However, he went on to criticize the effort made by the Wizards in trying to continue to make him a part of the team:

There's something about those statements that makes it seem as if Blatche hasn't exactly forgotten about the mutual feeling of rejection between him and the team.

At some point, Blatche has to realize how terrible a time it was not just for him, but the team as well. He's talking about a team that sunk $21 million into him up through last season and still has another $23 million left to pay him.

Blatche was part of a team that was an extreme disappointment to the Wizards. Between Gilbert Arenas' gun incident, JaVale McGee and Nick Young's immaturity and Blatche's attitude, there was no desire left in that team to have any part of the former team around anymore. It cutting ties with him was the last string to the past, and now that it's over, both parties should be happier.

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The most disappointing parts of Blatche's comments is that he has now made it clear that he really hasn't changed. That is, he still holds the same negative attributes that made him fall apart with the Wizards.

It's a bit upsetting because Blatche was finally starting to look as if he would not only be a calmer personality on and off the court, but he was ready to buckle down and contribute to the Nets.

Blatche lost 20 pounds this offseason and kept himself out of the way of media scrutiny, all the while averaging over eight points per game coming off the bench for the Nets.

However, after this, we can see that he still holds resentment toward the Wizards, and his willingness to voice it is a clear sign of immaturity. If he's willing to stoop to that level, who's to say he's not going to fall back into old habits with the Nets?

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