The Rock Is On John Cena's Mind

Christi LottCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009

John Cena appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday Night and once again delved into his "problem" with Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock. "The whole time he was with WWE he just preached to our fans, who are very, very loyal, about how much he loves the business," Cena explained. "Now he's a great actor and a great guy, a very hard worker, very personable guy, and I have nothing but good things to say about him, but he says he loves the business so much and then one day he just up and leaves."

Cena, three words: Get. Over. It.

It's interesting that only John Cena, WWE's pushed golden boy is the only one who goes into talking about The Rock. To me, it's because that's who he wants to be. He wants to be beloved and so over with the fans like The Rock was. For some reason, he thinks bashing "The Great One" will do it. Not a smart move, buddy.

Cena seems to forget The Rock's history; that he was born into two wrestling families. He started in the WWE as a fresh-faced 24 year-old who got booed to the high heavens. He then pulled a 180 and turned heel. In that, he became arguably the best promo cutter of all time.

He's a seven-time World Champion, and a multiple champion of other titles. He's put on legendary matches with Mankind, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, Triple H, Undertaker, etc. Cena also forgets that after The Rock's star making turn in The Mummy Returns and even after The Scorpion King, he was still in the WWE. In fact, he turned heel after those movies which led to the match with Hogan.

Here's the difference Cena doesn't comprehend: Johnson had a wife and young baby, and he made a choice which allowed him to enjoy being with them and watching his child grow up. Cena doesn't have that in his life now, so he can't imagine leaving. Johnson had literally done everything he could possibly do by the time he left; put on great matches with the greatest stars of all time.

My question for Cena: What more is there for him to do that he needs to come back? Oh, I know..WRESTLE CENA! That's what this is really all about. Cena wants to prove himself and wants to goad The Rock into returning. It's so amusing that while Cena goes on and on about The Rock, Dwayne Johnson hasn't uttered a word.

Everyone can say he has  love for the business. We fans have love for the business, yet we've never stepped into the ring. I don't blame Johnson for leaving, in fact, I applaud him. I'd rather enjoy watching him in movies than begging him to retire because he's gone on too long. Look at Cena and the injuries he's gotten, especially to the neck area. Think that won't give him problems years from now? Cena can act all high and mighty and say he'd never ever leave, but that's because he knows in order to pursue The Rock's career, he'd have to.

Like I've said before, Cena, to me, is jealous that Johnson is doing the successful acting gig first, and Cena will always be looked at as "pulling a Rock move." Cena can whine about The Rock leaving and wanting him to come back.

The fact remains that while Cena needs interview after interview to get this point across, The Rock only needed one line to destroy Cena at the HOF. Neither The Rock nor Dwayne Johnson need to come back to prove his love for the business.

He's already done it, and if Cena had REAL love for the business, he'd appreciate the path The Rock laid out for him as a wrestler, a promo cutter, a worker, a spokesman for the company, instead of complaining that he has to follow him now.