Abe Pollin: Washington Wizards Owner Still Hungers for Championship

ROB YOUNG SRContributor IJanuary 16, 2017

There have been a lot of questions lately concerning the leadership of the Wizards organization some deserved some not. The kind of turmoil this team has had to deal with this season from the Arenas' third surgery and Haywood's injury during training camp to the 1-10 start to Jordan's subsequent firing.

There has been a lot to contend with for such a young team.

Yes they still have Jamison and Butler but it's a bit much to expect for them to carry this team with such sporadic play from the youngsters.The group of young players Blatche, Young, McGee, McGuire, and Crittenden are a nice young core  but are not yet ready to be leaned on for major production.

I have had some concerns with the fact that Mr Pollin held fast on his stance of not exceeding the luxury tax limit. And with none of the present contracts moved before the trade deadline there where concerns about the ability to sign whomever they might acquire in the draft with there probable lottery pick.

But in a recent artical in the Washington Post Pollin gives the indication of flexability...My message to our fans is that we will return to the playoffs next season," Mr. Pollin said, "and we will continue to do everything we can to put the best team possible on the floor."

Now with that statement and both Arenas and Haywood hopefully returning to form by the start of next season Grunfeld may not be in as bad shape as it appears. The additional minutes afforded to the youngsters this season and the growth of players such as McGee & McGuire will surely be beneficial.

The addition of a "junkyard dog rebounding" PF and a true PG would go a long way torward put this team right back into the mix in the East. I really believe it would be beneficial if Arenas did not have to play the point for extended minutes.

I would really like to see them trade down to the 10th to 15th pick getting rid of say Etan Thomas's contract in the process. And Take say a Jeff Teague or Eric Maynor and get a Donyell Marshall or Matt Barnes from the free agent ranks this team could be a factor again.

Now there is still the matter of finding a coach because I don't believe Tapscott will be retained. So decisions on player moves may be a ways off. But I I'm encouraged hear Mr Pollin's asserting his desire to do whatever is necessary to put this team back into the fray in the Eastern Conference.