Montravius Adams: Recent Comments Give Auburn Hope in Chase for 5-Star DT

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 27, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

There may be a glimmer of hope at the end of the long tunnel that has been Auburn football for the past year, and it comes in the form of 5-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams.

Adams is widely considered to be one of the most talented recruits in the class of 2013. In fact, 247Sports has him ranked as its No. 2 overall prospect just behind 5-star defensive end Robert Nkemdiche, so that goes to show you how good he is.

He's 6'4'', 310 pounds (247Sports) and has an awesome combination of strength, size, speed and natural football instincts, so needless to say, he projects to be very good.

For as bad as Auburn's year on the field has been, the good news was that Gene Chizik did a great job in recruiting. Auburn's 2013 class is currently ranked No. 10 overall by, and it features three 5-star players on the defensive side in linebacker Reuben Foster and defensive ends Dee Liner and Carl Lawson. To make things even more interesting, Auburn has been in Adams' top five for a while now according to 247Sports, so for as bad as this season has been, Auburn fans could point to the future with anticipation.

However, much of that anticipation changed to uncertainty once Auburn fired Chizik. Firing the head coach can really shake up a recruiting class, and we've already seen one player decommit in 4-star wideout JaQuay Williams. How will Chizik's firing impact Auburn's 2013 recruiting class, and how will not having a head coach in place sit with elite recruits like Adams?

Thankfully for Auburn, according to quotes via Justin Hokanson of, Adams' feelings on Auburn haven't changed:

"(Coach Trooper Taylor) asked me if I was still considering Auburn, he wanted me to be truthful," Adams said. "Me and coach Chizik were cool, I had a good relationship with him, I got to know his wife and kids, but I can still see myself playing there.

"I still like Auburn, I don't look at Auburn any differently now. I really like the school, the campus, and the program beyond just the coaches anyway. That's a plus because that isn't changing."

At this point, Auburn still has to feel pretty good about its chances of landing the 5-star defensive tackle.

If firing the head coach didn't turn him away, I doubt much will. It's obvious that Adams likes Auburn for what it offers off the football field as well, and that's a huge plus for the Tigers. First things first, Auburn needs to quickly get a head coach in place, but once they do that, bringing in Adams needs to be a huge priority.

Not only would Adams committing to the Tigers be a huge reason for other commits to stay put, but his addition, along with Foster, Lawson and Liner, would easily give the Tigers the best front seven in the 2013 class, and that would go a long way towards restoring the program within the powerful SEC.

The fact that Adams is still considering Auburn is huge, especially after this horrible season, so once they get a coach in place, there's reason to believe that the Tigers will have a chance to bring him into the fold.

Adams is still interested, and at this point, that's a huge win for Auburn.


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