On My Wrestling Soapbox: The Commentary of "Mrs. S"

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On My Wrestling Soapbox: The Commentary of
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Good Day, B/R brethren! Welcome to another exciting edition of "The Soapbox."

As always, we'll examine a potpourri of different topics and I'll be introducing you to my....er....better half, who has some interesting, funny wrestling commentary. 

So let's begin...

R.I.P. Test

I won't go into much detail but just want to pay my respects to Andrew "Test" Martin who passed away earlier this week.  It's always sad to lose someone so my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. 

A Family Atmosphere? 

Neither the WWE or TNA acknowledged Test's passing this week.  I've been reading that because of his cause of death the WWE in particular are trying to stay away from paying their respects. 

My thought is that he was a part of your "family" (company) at one point.  It should at least be acknowledged. 

It's documented that Test had a drug problem but there are many families in the world who have family members with drug problems and they just don't toss them to the side if they pass away. 

Kudos to those wrestling stars who did comment and pay their respects to Test.

A RAW Disappointment

Boy did Monday Night Raw start off with a bang this week!  HBK and The Undertaker teamed up to face JBL and Vladimir Kozlov but the fireworks happened after the match.  HBK superkicked Taker in what was the highlight of the night. 

The show went downhill from there.

The Triple H/Legacy segment was decent but failed in comparison to what happened the previous week on Raw.

The MITB six man tag was horrible as was the main event between Edge and John Cena. 

Let's hope that Raw gets back on track next Monday as it will only be two weeks until Wrestlemania 25.

Destination X 

A "C-" pay-per-view at best, I just don't enjoy TNA.  I'm trying really hard since have this hosting gig and all but it's becoming difficult. 

The X-Division match was excellent.  I'll give TNA props there. 

Christop....er...Suicide's leap unto the top of the "X-like contraption" was pretty cool. 

AJ Styles became TNA Legends champ but that's about all that entertained me.

There was too much involvement from Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley for me to fully enjoy the Kurt Angle vs. Sting match. 

It would have been so much better if it were the two of them one-on-one without any body else being involved. 

TNA has to step it up big time for me to "cross the line."

P.S.  Shout out to Angelina Love!  WHOOP WHOOP!!

Introducing Mrs. S

We'll end this article with the random rants and commentary of the infamous Mrs. S.  For those that don't know my lovely wife is not a wrestling fan. 

She has used such words as buffoonery, lame, and stupid to describe the entertainment I love so dearly.

I use these same words to describe Oprah, American Idol and all of the other shows she watches that suck in my opinion.

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly converting her into a wrestling fan. 

She's not fully aware of this but she watches more and more wrestling each week. 

It seems every week she makes a comment about what she has observed on an episode of RAW, Smackdown or Impact. 

The following are statements that she has made that I would like to share with you all.  I have paraphrased some of them as I couldn't remember them all verbatim. 

The views and opinions of Mrs. S are not necessarily the views of Demetrus Stokes.  You have been warned...

  • The Rock is much hotter as an actor then he was as a wrestler.  He is 800 credit score beautiful!
  • All of the wrestlers with long hair look like they don't wash it on a regular basis. 
  • Except CM Punk.  He's hair is very bouncy and clean looking.
  • Shawn Michaels is hot.  I just wish he would cut his hair.  I love his beard! 
  • Ric Flair is a fossil and his body is proof that he is too old to wrestle.
  • All divas are former pole dancers.  Except Beth Phoenix.  They throw one woman in there who can actually wrestle.  When told that Layla was a former Miami Heat dancer her response was...."same thing."
  • Vicki Guerrero looks very odd.  What purpose does she serve?  When explained to her that Vicki is Smackdown's GM she says "that's stupid."
  • Why do all of the black wrestlers have to rap or portray thugs?  And who in the hell is the one with the blond hair?? 
  • On Randy Orton's appearance this week on Monday Night Raw: "It's clear that he used too much bronze."
  • On Jimmy Snuka's Raw appearance:  "He looks like if you blow on him he'll turn to dust."
  • Vince McMahon walks like he just got out of prison.   
  • After watching 3-5 minutes of TNA Impact: "I see why no one watches this crap."  "I'm going to bed!"

Well folks that wraps up another edition of "The Soapbox."  Thank you to Mrs. S for her thoughts and observations of wrestling and thank you for reading. 

P.S.  (Cheap Plug) Don't miss Hit The Ropes this week!  Harley Race, Ring of Honor announcer Bobby Cruise, and former WWE Diva Debra will be our guest!!  This may be our biggest show yet! 

P.P.S.  For those NCAA fans your Final Four will be: North Carolina, Louisville, Memphis and Villanova. 

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