HBK Vs. The Undertaker: A Tribute To Two WWE Legends

James TurnerCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009

So the 500th episode of Smackdown is on tonight, and as a true wrestling fan that's currently on spring break, I changed up my plans just to devote this evening to nothing but wrestling.

The match is HBK vs. The Undertaker. There is no need to hype up this match because everyone has been talking about it since last year. Instead, I want to break down the two most influential and evolutionary superstars to ever step in the WWE ring. There hasn't been anyone as loyal and dedicated to the WWE than Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

Undertaker has dedicated his life to the WWE. His gimmick is one that we will all remember. Although he once despised such things at one point in his career, he returned in 2000 with the biker gimmick. Who would have thought a guy like the Undertaker could come back as a whole new gimmick and still get the praise that he got?

It goes to show you how much people truly respect him. This man has put on classic matches and even had been the inventor and first to fight in some of the most used gimmick matches. Buried Alive, Inferno, Casket, and the infamous Hell In A Cell, which he made an instant classic along, are among those now-famous fights. Note: The last time these two fought was, in fact, the first Hell In A Cell.

These matches are still being used by other wrestlers that don't even involve the deadman. He has paved the way for wrestlers to come up with their own gimmicks. And he's probably the only wrestler who can gain more fans with a change of a gimmick then can go back to the original gimmick he started with, all with one company.

Look at wrestlers like Goldust, Mr. Ass, Brooklyn Brawler, Kane, and others who had numerous gimmicks that couldn't really fly with the crowd. Taker is in a league of his own.

As for Shawn Michaels, I don't need to say any more about him. His gimmick has been the same throughout his career. What makes his gimmick worth praising is the simple fact that the HBK character has evolved throughout his whole career. He never really got stale; from the Rockers days to his current religious ways, he has always stolen the show and he continues to gain more fans.

He has been very loyal to Vince McMahon, just like the Undertaker. And I never really heard rumors about them ever leaving WWE to defect to WCW. They stuck to the same company throughout their successful careers.

That leads us to Wrestlemania XXV. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker. Mr. Everything vs. Mr. WWE. Which one is which, you ask?

Mr. Everything is the wrestler who has the complete package: Wrestling ability, mic skills, great with the fans, charisma, and big-time moments that help define their legacy. The one that Vince will depend on to deliver a quality special moment that fans can remember for years to come.

Mr. WWE is the wrestler who has done everything throughout their careers. Win big time matches, have big-time moments, win heavyweight titles, make himself an established star for more than a decade. Reach people's hearts and survive the many different generations throughout their WWE stint. One who has generated millions of dollars to the company. One that even casual fans recognize.

So which wrestler deserves to be Mr. Everything and which one deserves to be Mr. WWE? They both do. These two have already cemented their legacies for many years to come. They can retire today and both would be remembered throughout the generations of the WWE.

They have done everything throughout their illustrious careers and they are the two that Vince has counted to steal the show at Wrestlemania in their home state of Texas.

WWE is investing perhaps more money on this bout than anyone on the card. And, with all due respect to the others, the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels deserve every bit of praise they will receive at Wrestlemania XXV. Win or lose, they are still winners in many people's eyes. Whether you like HBK or The Undertaker, you respect them.

I am looking forward to a classic bout between the two most loyal, dedicated, influential, and legacy-defining individuals to ever grace the WWE ring.