Antonio Cesaro: Proves He Is a Future World Champion on Raw

Cody GuinnContributor IIINovember 27, 2012


On Raw Monday night, United States Champion Antonio Cesaro faced the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Sheamus.

This announcement immediately excited fans as it would give us a chance to see Cesaro finally face a top-tier guy in the WWE. The match certainly didn't disappoint as the two put on what was without question one of the matches of the night. 

It appears Cesaro will face R-Truth once again for the United States Championship at the WWE December Pay Per View TLC, but with Truth overseas with a few other WWE superstars, Cesaro was booked to face Sheamus. Sheamus is currently in an intense feud with World Heavyweight Champion Big Show, and the two will also meet at TLC in a Chairs match for the title.

The two men went back and forth early on during the match until the action would spill out to the outside of the ring which led to Sheamus launching Cesaro into the barricade. Sheamus walked up the steel steps to get back into the ring when the savvy Cesaro would sweep out Sheamus' feet from under him, knocking him right on top of the steps. This brought on a commercial break.

When Raw returned, Cesaro was in full control with Sheamus down on the ground. Sheamus attempted to battle back, but Cesaro leveled Sheamus with a clothesline, followed by Cesaro easily lifting Sheamus off the ground and slamming him down for a two count. 

Cesaro landed some nice European uppercuts in the ropes before Sheamus countered with his signature barrage of chops in which he calls the "Irish Hand Grenades." Sheamus continued with his comeback with a flying shoulder block followed by the "Irish Curse" Backbreaker for a two-count.

Sheamus went for his signature "Irish Cloverleaf" but Cesaro reached the ropes and countered with a sick inverted Fireman's Carry that should be someone's finishing move. Sheamus would kick out of the pinfall at two. 

Sheamus battled back and went to the top rope, but would be caught with a classic Cesaro uppercut that nearly decapitated Sheamus. Cesaro went for his finisher, but Sheamus countered and backdropped Cesaro to escape. Suddenly, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick to send Cesaro flying to the outside. Cesaro was not able to get back in the ring to stop the 10-count and was counted out. 

Although Cesaro lost, it was without question his best match so far with the WWE and showed the world that while he's a terrific mid-card wrestler and, if he's ever teamed up with Kassius Ohno, an even better tag team wrestler, Antonio Cesaro has all the ability to become a future World Champion.

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