Tell Us How You Really Feel, Andy: Spadaro Interview With Reid Tells Nothing

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Tell Us How You Really Feel, Andy: Spadaro Interview With Reid Tells Nothing
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

In a recent sit-down interview with's Dave Spadaro, Eagles coach Andy Reid accomplished nothing in this "wide open, anything-goes forum."

Spadaro tried to do his best impression of an unbiased interviewer, but the questions he fired were duds in this controlled setting.

The Eagles organization works in a bubble, where they are correct and anyone else who thinks that the organization may be mistaken must be out of their mind. 

Call me crazy, but is it so far-fetched that Reid has an opinion of his own on the recent moves and the lack thereof that this team has taken?

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe Reid does believe he and Joe Banner did all they could to re-sign safety Brian Dawkins. But, of course, as Reid put it, "That's business."

This begs the question: What is their business? Are Lurie, Banner, Reid, and Heckert in the business of winning, or are they in the business of turning a profit through the means of spectator sport?

Reid has partaken in the company Kool-Aid far too long. 

He may believe that letting Dawkins go was a colossal mistake and that the weapons that McNabb supposedly has been begging for are sorely needed. However, the Big Red we all once knew has been replaced with this automated recording of company policy and never deviates from the script.

Do all of us a favor, Andy, and ease our minds by telling us how you really feel.

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