Pee Wee Giant Destroys Smaller Football Player in Polarizing Play

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One oversized Pee Wee football player destroyed a smaller one in a video that is causing quite the stir across the Internets. 

Sure, the hit is spectacular and the sound is something that will get your attention immediately, but it's the conversation in the comments section on YouTube and around the virtual world that has me concerned. 

This is really the issue I have with the video. You have one side that is demanding people grow a pair and realize it's football...blah, blah, roar, grunt, spit, then chew on a turkey leg. 

The other side would like it very much if all children were kindly taught sportsmanship from the confines of a padded room. 

I sit somewhere in the middle, confused. 

I have no idea how I feel about a little kid getting blown to pieces by a much bigger kid, though I know it's not a good feeling. 

Don't get me wrong. I love seeing hard hits and defenders getting the worst of it sometimes. I would rather that type of destruction was relegated to adults knocking the brain cells out of one another. Call me loco if you like. 

Some in the YouTube comments section proclaim this is football and parents should know what their kids are getting into.

Well, it's Pee Wee football, a tad different than high school or higher sports in that it's meant to teach sportsmanship and dedication while keeping things like concussions or similar injuries to a minimum. 

Getting blown to smithereens doesn't seem in keeping with that sentiment. 

I just don't see how a kid taking a hit like Jay Cutler from another child who resembles a high-school fullback is a good thing. 

I will await your answer after America's bloodlust has diminished. 

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