My First Man of the Match In Cricket

Dann KhanAnalyst IMarch 20, 2009

LONDON - AUGUST 31:  Andrew Flintoff of England poses with his man of the match award after the Fourth NatWest One Day International between England and South Africa at Lord's on August 31, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

For some reason just like in football, my best moment came when I was hardly accomplished.

I think I was in class two.

We were playing a cricket match during the sports period. The other team batted first and put up 110 in 10 overs. They could have gone on for longer but decided to declare(some kiddish rule we had)

So this was a tough task.

I was to be sent in last. I was really lousy back then.

Luckily four our team the first ball was bowled after 14 wides.

Then two of our best players then started to smash the bowling around and we had to make 30 from four overs then. But then we lost six or seven wickets in a jiffy with 11 runs to make from an over

And that's when i went and told my captain to give me the bat an let me go instead of another player. Luckily for the team I was on the nonstriker's end.

The fella at the other end hit two fours and a single of the first five balls and he left me with two runs to make with one ball remaining.

He told me to hit the ball and run as hard as I can.

The ball came. It seemed a lot quicker than the balls I saw bowled to batsmen on television. In any case I hit the ball and ran as hard as I could. Due to a misfield we got two and we won the match

I was adjudged the MoM (man of the match) for just hitting the winning runs (that's a first).

For the rest of the day and night I was a hero at school and home—though I remained lousy for many years after that.