The Formula One Times: Drivers and Bosses Express Concern

The Formula One TimesCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009


Lewis, Luca, Webber, Schumi, Jenson & Alonso Express Concern

After the FIA announced that winner takes all in the new, and unpopular, points/wins system, drivers and team bosses have begun to express their concern.

Luca Di Montezemolo has called the decision "absurd" in his latest attack.

Then Schumacher waded into the war with his comments about how he "cannot imagine those changes help F1, especially regarding the new system to find the champion.

"I cannot see how it makes sense to eventually have a World Champion who has less points than the driver coming in second, even if I also think it is a good move to try to strengthen the winner's position."

After Schumacher's outburst came Jenson Button, who claimed the new rules would confuse fans and the general public. These concerns were mirrored by Fernando Alonso.

If that wasn't enough, Mark Webber expressed his concerns over the lack of reward for consistency.

"Robert [Kubica] drove awesome last year and he would have been nowhere near the title hunt with these regulations."

"You could have the World Champion making more mistakes than the guy who is second.

"Whether consistency makes a better driver, or the driver who wins more races is better than the guy who is more competitive at more races throughout the season, is a matter of opinion."

The latest driver to attack the FIA's decision is World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

"I think it's a shame what's happening to Formula One," Hamilton said.

"It's hard to believe these recent decisions will improve things for the track-side spectators and TV viewers, who should always be our number-one priority, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

"Whatever the points system, I know all Formula One drivers will always race our hearts out."

Bernie: "America looks good for F1 return".

Bernie Ecclestone has said that Formula One could return to North America if he can convince the teams that 20 races on the calendar is a good idea.

F1 had been racing at the Indianapolis circuit since 2000, but the race was dropped in 2007 after Ecclestone and Indianapolis officials couldn't agree on new terms.

Ecclestone, though, revealed that America could be back on the F1 calendar as soon as 2011, which would be welcome news to many teams on the F1 grid.

However, Bernie has said "we will not go back to Indianapolis."

This year will see the new Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, 2010 will see India, and 2011 might possibly see Korea as Ecclestone's great Asian expansion continues.

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