17 of the Most Intimidating Wrestlers in WWE History

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IINovember 28, 2012

17 of the Most Intimidating Wrestlers in WWE History

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    They certainly weren't the prettiest wrestlers in the business. But they sure were some of the meanest and most intense you would ever find.

    Here is a list of some of the most intimidating wrestlers to ever lace them up. Yes, there are certainly more to list and yes, everyone has an opinion. I could have taken larger, most vicious men and put them on this list, but there is a reason for the variety.

    Wrestling is not always about size and power. Fear has a lot to do with it. While Mike Tyson wasn't the biggest boxer ever, he certainly was the meanest and maybe the most powerful.

    It would be interesting to see whom you think should be on this list. I'm sure there will be a debate. But for now, these are some of the most intimidating wrestlers to ever step inside the squared circle.


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    I include her in this list for several reasons.

    First, she wrestled men and beat the hell out of them. If that isn't enough to scare the crap out of you, then you are lost on the concept of intimidation.

    Second, she was a fixture in the Attitude Era and with DX, which is one of the top five stables of all time.

    Her look, her skill (trained by Killer Kowalski) and her demeanor was over the top at times, kitten-like at others. She could very well have been the most misunderstood wrestler on the roster.

    And when she was in the ring, she could perform with the best of them.

The Road Warriors

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    When they burst on the scene, they were like nothing we had seen before.

    Faces painted, battle gear on and ready for action. They were a sight taken out of futuristic movies and when they hit the ramp with "Iron Man" in the background, you knew what was coming.

    Several tag teams tried to imitate then or even tried to beat them. They were rivaled by many, feared by all and when they said they "snacked on danger and dined on death," they meant every word of it.


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    Vader may have been one of the most intimidating wrestlers to ever come to WCW and as a former WCW World Champion, his place in wrestling history was cemented as one of the best heels in a free-falling time within the company.

    Leon White took his act to the WWE and never won a championship, but it was that same style of aggression and his agility that proved to help him become one of the better characters that made the transition form the southern part of the country to the confines of the great north.

    Even upon his return to the WWE earlier this year in a program with other veterans who challenged Heath Slater, Vader still looked like he had the chutzpah to take another run in the ring.


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    He is one of my more underrated wrestlers of all time.

    Meng didn't say much, but when the man form the Isle of Tonga hit the ring, he was all business.

    His head butts and chops were spot on, his movements in the ring quick for his size.

    As a singles competitor, promotions like the WWF and WCW could have done more with him. He could have been one of the best singles competitors ever if he was properly used in that capacity.

    I would have loved to have seen him in a program with Nikita Koloff for the United States title.


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    Batista always has a look like he could tear your head off and then laugh about it later.

    Even as a "heel" of sorts when he was following Triple H around in Evolution, you knew he would break out and become a mega star.

    Batista, whose resume includes being a six-time world champion (winning the World Heavyweight Championship four times and the WWE Championship two times) has left the WWE and has tried his hand at MMA fighting.

    His raw power and his size (6'6, 290 pounds) made him an intimidating figure in and out of the ring. His battles with the likes of Triple H, Undertaker and Edge are forever etched in WWE history.


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    Hellfire and brimstone.

    To this day, even in his 40s, Glen Jacobs is one of the best wrestlers in the world, period.

    At 7' tall and 325 pounds, he is still agile to scale the top rope, dive at an opponent with a flying shoulder block and clothesline your head off if you aren't careful.

    Right now, Kane is showing he is just as competent as a tag team wrestler with Daniel Bryan as Team Hell No. He and Bryan are also part of a very comical program while holding the WWE Tag Team Titles.

    Kane will forever be linked to his relationship with his "brother" The Undertaker. The two have had classic battles against each other and as partners in the ring.

    Kane is also regarded as one of the most respected men in the locker room of the WWE.

Ivan Koloff

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    Oreal Perras was afraid of no one.

    At 5'7" and 270 pounds, he took on wrestlers much larger than him and intimidated them with his deep Russian accent (he was actually French-Canadian) and his chain that hung around his neck like a necklace.

    He was also a WWWF Champion. Where he beat Bruno Sammartino in 1971 to serve as a transitional champion between Sammartino and Pedro Morales. Sammartino held the title for over seven years at the time.

    Koloff used his infamous knee drop from the top rope to end opponents' evenings and get the pin fall.


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    I wish we could have seen more of what Eddie Fatu could have done in the WWE.

    During his time, he was downright scary. Face paint, great size and agility and a thumb spike that rivaled most other finishing holds.

    Umaga was just flat-out bad ass and challenged the greats of the WWE. He struck fear just with his name and his heritage.

    He could have been bigger than his other family members (Tonga Kid, Rikishi and Rosey). Another case of we will never know what could have been

Big Show

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    This may be Paul Wight's best run in the WWE and possibly in his wrestling career.

    The Big Show is currently the World Heavyweight Champion, a title he held in both WCW after beating Hulk Hogan and now in the WWE. At 7' and 440 pounds, he is quick for his size and his "knockout" punch is still as effective as any finishing moves in the WWE.

    Show's recent feuds with Cody Rhodes, John Cena, CM Punk and now Sheamus have been on point. As a big man and once billed as Andre the Giant's son in WCW, he has become one of the most valuable wrestlers in the company recently.

    In years past, the big man was used in some of the worst programs and skits in the WWE. He is truly one of the best heels in the business today.


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    The former WWE Champion was a mountain of a man.

    At 6'4" and 589 pounds, he may have been the biggest man in wrestling this side of Haystacks Calhoun. And he used his power and strength to overtake his opponents with ease at times.

    Ironically, yokozuna refers to the highest rank in professional sumo wrestling in Japan. Although the he was portrayed as a champion sumo wrestler, he never competed as an actual sumo wrestler.

    Yokozuna was a two-time WWF Champion and two-time WWF Tag Team Champion as well as the winner of the 1993 Royal Rumble.

King Kong Bundy

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    He always wanted a referee to count to five wherever he was wrestling. That way, his opponents knew they were beat.

    I first watched him in Florida, beating the hell out of the likes of Eric Embry. Then he moved on to Georgia Championship Wrestling and then the WWF.

    He was part of WrestleMania matches with Hulk Hogan and Survivor Series PPV's. He was a gifted and agile man for his size.

    Some may already know this, but Bundy was Fritz Von Erich's opponent for Fritz's 1982 retirement match at Texas Stadium. He also defeated S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones in what was announced as only nine seconds at the first WrestleMania event.

The Wild Samoans

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    They beat on their opponents and loved to beat on each other.

    Afa and Sika were a different breed. And they struck fear in their opponents and the fans of the WWF.

    I loved their look, and the fact they were mean and vicious and indestructible and also looked liked lovable family members.

    They are still one of the best tag teams to ever perform in the WWF.

The Undertaker

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    How could we leave "The Dead Man" off the list?

    The black costumes and the sickening entrance music, not to mention the tongue coming out and the eyes rolling to the back of his head.

    It is a gimmick that still gets a rise out of the fans to this day.

    The Undertaker also wrestles with the notion that when his opponents enter his "yard," there is no chance for them to win.

    And at WrestleMania, that has been the case for two decades.

Brock Lesnar

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    Based on pure raw ability, Lesnar may be the best we have ever seen. Thick, fast, powerful and a grin that makes you think you are going to have the snot beaten out of you.

    Lesnar is the bully on the playground that you gladly give your lunch money to.

    Whether it is in an MMA octagon or in the squared circle, Lesnar punishes his opponents into oblivion and then asks then again if they want more.

    Most want to run and hide.

Andre the Giant

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    How could he not be the at the top of this list?

    Just looking at his size and his hands alone would have made me shake in my shoes.

    Andre may have been one of the most loved wrestlers of all times, but wrestlers (like Hulk Hogan who have talked about him in books), have stated just being around him at times was intimidating.

    In the ring, Andre was all business, and he inflicted enough punishment on wrestlers to leave them battered and bruised mentally and physically.