Los Angeles Lakers: Top 10 Moments of November

Michael RiosCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2012

Los Angeles Lakers: Top 10 Moments of November

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    It has been a wild month in Laker Land to say the least.

    From coaching changes to amazing performances, the Los Angeles Lakers have had the NBA's brightest spotlight once again this year, and it has only been a month.

    If this month has been any indication of what the rest of the season has in store, fans will surely be in for a treat. Let's look back and count down some of the highlights of November in Laker Land. 

World Peace Throws Touchdown Pass

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    On football Sunday, Metta World Peace threw a perfect touchdown pass to Pau Gasol in a game against the Houston Rockets.

    It wouldn't be his last either. Just a few days later, the threw another one to Antawn Jamison. It make fans wonder what World Peace would have been like had he decided to play in the NFL. 

    No matter. NBA fans are glad to have him in this league. 

Nash Dances Gangnam Style

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    Steve Nash was caught doing the famous Gangnam Style dance during a home game at Staples Center. 

    I know Metta World Peace failed to make it past the first round of Dancing With the Stars, so I wonder how far Nash would have gotten. 


    Stick to your day job, Mr. Nash. 

Kobe Passes Magic as All-Time Steals Leader

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    With a steal against the Clippers, Kobe Bryant passed his idol Magic Johnson as the Lakers' all-time leader in steals. 

    Kobe did take a little longer to get there, however. Magic had 13 years of playing time to get to that mark. Kobe is in the midst of his 17th year in the league.

    Nevertheless, it's still one heck of an impressive record to break. 

Lakers Crush Nuggets, Howard Hits a Three

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    What a great way to end the month.

    The Lakers completely crushed the Denver Nuggets in the final game of November, and it was a fun one.

    Jodie Meeks hit a career-high seven three-pointers, while Antawn Jamison scored an impressive 33 points off the bench. 

    Howard had arguably his best performance as a Laker with a 20-20 game. And, oh yeah! He hit the second three-pointer of his career.

    It was one to remember. 

Lakers Lose to Lowly Kings

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    This list does not necessarily have to be full of positive things. 

    This was arguably the worst performance the Lakers have had all year. There is no question it was a memorable game. 

    With such a lackluster performance, the Lakers lost to one of the worst teams in the league. The Lakers committed a cringe-worthy 20 turnovers and missed a grand total of 12 free throws in this one.

    It was simply a terrible night for the team. 

Kareem Gets His Statue

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    It was long overdue.

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar finally was presented with his own statue outside of Staples Center. With his infamous Skyhook pose, his statue stands near the corner of Chick Hearn Way and Figueroa.

    It's the perfect place to greet the Captain. 

    After 20 years in the NBA, he became the all-time leader in points. His contributions to the league far outreached the courts of basketball. It's easy to understand why this moment was simply so special 

Lakers Fans Chant for Phil

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    In the aftermath of Brown's firing, Lakers fans were vocal about who they wanted as a coach: Phil Jackson.

    I don't think there has been a game in recent memory where fans started chanting for a coach in any sport.

    It was simply a great moment to witness. If fans recall, the reason Phil Jackson contemplated a return was because of the fans' support. It's a shame the fans were a little disappointed upon learning that he would not receive the job. 

Kobe Gets a Triple-Double

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    It was his first in two years and the 18th of his career. 

    Kobe Bryant had his best performance this year in a game against the Rockets. Not only did he manage to post some great numbers, but he also managed to outscore James Harden, who was battling Kobe for the top scorer of the league at that point. 

    With games like these, it's hard not to consider this guy as one of the top players in the league, even at his age. 

Mike Brown Fired

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    Some fans thought it was long overdue; others thought it was too soon.

    No matter what they thought, the fact of the matter was that Mike Brown's coaching was not working with the Lakers. One could say he was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The Princeton Offense simply did not function with this team. The Lakers' team statistics were not all that impressive either, falling to the middle of the pack in points scores and allowed.

    It was a giant surprise, but it was one that the Lakers needed. Brown simply was not fit to be a Lakers head coach. 

Lakers Choose D'Antoni over Jackson

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    The NBA world was shocked to hear that the Lakers chose a coach with no rings over a coach with 11 titles. 

    Most fans were disappointed, but some were thrilled to see an improvement over Mike Brown.

    Nevertheless, one has to question the thought process of the Lakers' management. Yes, this guy is a great coach with an impressive resume, but hiring him over the greatest coach of all time is questionable.

    The Lakers have not yet seen a great amount of success under this Mike, but it still is a far better record than the one they had under the last one. 

    Mike D'Antoni's hiring was the top moment of November for the Lakers.