AJ and John Cena Could Be Next in a Long Line of WWE Odd Couples

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistNovember 25, 2012

AJ and John Cena Could Be Next in a Long Line of WWE Odd Couples

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    John Cena and AJ Lee continued to escalate their romantic storyline this past Friday on SmackDown.  And while the strange romance has proven to be a dud from a ratings standpoint, it is certainly a creative way to give Cena something to do while he awaits a likely WrestleMania rematch with the Rock. 

    Cena and AJ's budding relationship is reminiscent of other pairings between WWE superstars and divas whose similarities were few and far between. 

    Contrasting personalities and characteristics make for interesting dynamics and potentially intriguing content.  As such, they should be celebrated. 

AJ Lee and John Cena

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    She's 107 pounds.  He clocks in at about 251, more than double her size.  And while they're not officially together yet, this week on WWE TV saw AJ and Cena share a pair or prolonged lip locks as the ambiguity surrounding their relationship status skewed towards the affirmative. 

    The ongoing AJ scandal has provided an opening for Dolph Ziggler to rub elbows with John Cena, a top star, in what should be very helpful for his inevitable rise to the main-event picture. 

    Unfortunately, the longer Cena is romantically linked to AJ, the less people will be willing to take him seriously as the perennial challenger for the WWE Championship we've come to know and love/hate. 

    Expect the AJ-Cena saga to be blown off before the Royal Rumble, with AJ possibly joining forces with the more appropriately-sized Dolph Ziggler.   

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler

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    She's 44.  He's 32.  This cougar-wrestler relationship has done wonders for Dolph Ziggler's career as Guerrero is unquestionably the biggest heat magnet in the WWE. 

    And while his in-ring work is among the best in the entire promotion, Ziggler's character simply isn't strong enough to where he could carry a championship or a program by his lonesome.

    That's where Vickie comes in. 

    The unlikely duo has been together for three-and-a-half years, and their alliance should only become enhanced with a looming world title run. 

Kane and Lita

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    He was a monster.  She was a diva.  The two were involved in a bizarre relationship that led to a shotgun wedding that was disrupted by Matt Hardy. 

    Lita would later be impregnated by Kane, and their baby was infamously punted by Snitsky. 

    Lita eventually turned on Kane to align herself with Edge, who was more suited for her rocker-chick tendencies. 

Santino and Beth Phoenix as Glamerella

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    He was an Italian mid-card comedy act.  She was a dominant WWE Women's Champion.  And what started as a feud would later blossom into an unlikely pairing between two characters who couldn't be any more different.

    "Glamerella" was entertainment gold as Beth Phoenix made for the perfect foil for the comedic stylings of Santino Marella, with Phoenix often acting as Santino's body guard. 

Edge and Vickie Guerrero

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    She's a cougar.  He's rated R.  Edge and Vickie Guerrero were a rare combination of strong characters who each could hold their own on the microphone, and the two laid the groundwork for the evil Vickie Guerrero character who has grown before our very eyes. 

    Edge's run as a heel world champion with Vickie Guerrero in his corner seemed suspect at first, with Guerrero showing zero previous evidence to be able to work as a heel. 

    But as the two continued to work together, and two agitating words later ("Excuse Me!"), Guerrero only got better, and she now sets the standard for all WWE managers.  

Al Wilson and Dawn Marie

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    She was hot.  He was old.  Al Wilson, the father of former WWE diva Torrie Wilson, was used as a prop in a SmackDown feud between Torrie and Dawn Marie. 

    The angle eventually saw Dawn Marie offer her hand in marriage to Al Wilson, and the two would wed in their undergarments on an episode of SmackDown, much to the chagrin of Torrie. 

    Poor Al would die soon after per the storyline, after the senior citizen's heart couldn't keep up with Dawn Marie's sexual appetite.  Aah, the Attitude Era.