NCAA Second-Round Action: First Three Games

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 22, 2008

So what have I learned so far?

I have learned that constantly updating brackets for the benefit of my fellow readers means absolutely nothing in terms of furthering my own goals of winning pools and increasing my wealth.  Sure, I've started investing in the stock market but it could be years before I see dividends from those monies.  I want a quick return, baby!  Show me some love!

I learned that Duke doesn't consider the painted area near the basket a viable option and that digging in concrete is the best way to get back in a game.  I learned that Brian, Taylor and Kyle are great guys to party with at the Sig Ep formal but not quality candidates to pound it inside against Mountain boys who are fortified by years of plying their trade in cities that reek of flatulence and burning coal.  So, Coach K, even if your next recruit happens to be criminally insane, if he can bang and has a first name like Moose or Pain sign him up posthaste.

I learned that Purdue's Chris Kramer reminds me a lot of St. John's Matt Brust.  Now I know most of the readers are college-age and can't remember back when St. John's had a decent team but Matt Brust was part of the late 80s St. John's squads that were routine Big East contenders.  Like Mr. Kramer, Brust was 6-5, 220 and built like a handsome linebacker who bought energy and defense.  It wasn't enough against a taller, athletic and more seasoned Xavier squad but watch for the Boilers next year after Kramer, Rob Hummel and E'Twaun Moore are more experienced.

I learned that Kansas State will also be dangerous next year even with Mr. Beasley purchasing Lichtenstein next year as he takes the NBA dollars.  Prince Stewart, Bill Walker, Ron Anderson and Jamie Pullen will be enough for the Wildcats to contend in the Big 12.

And finally I learned depth rules.  OK, I knew this and have a soft spot for the bench mob having been a card-carrying member of the pine-sitters club for years.  But how big were Joe Mazzulla, Greg Stiemsma, Scott Martin, Jason Love and B.J. Raymond today?  Give your role players some love.

Maybe I'll win some games in the second half.  Please.  My street cred as a hoops geek is in danger.  Then I'm just a geek.