WWE TLC 2012: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler at TLC Could Be the Match of the Year

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IINovember 26, 2012


It’s hard to sit back and look at Dolph Ziggler and John Cena and see a feud between the two WWE superstars without the minutiae that surrounds the potential greatness the match at TLC represents.

Of course, I am talking about Vickie Guerrero, AJ Lee, the Money in the Bank contract that has not been cashed in yet and anything that may happen from the appears by both “power couples” on "Miz TV" last week on Smackdown.

Let me catch my breath before I continue. It is possible that the match could become the match of the year in the WWE or one of the best matches of the year purely based on the intangibles this kind of match could bring to the table and the potential pitfalls that exist from it heading into 2013.

Again, I will catch my breath while trying to explain.

This match has all the makings of a scam job that could lead to Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler ending their business “relationship” and John Cena being left in the ring by himself (much like Daniel Bryan at the altar) while AJ and Dolph Ziggler become the new power couple of the WWE.

And no, I do not see a chance for any kind of “relationship” or business dealings with Vickie and the Jolly WWE Giant.

After watching the Miz TV segment and hearing the comments by Ziggler about if AJ was “properly kissed," etc., I am convinced the two will be together in the end and Cena will lose the TLC match.

What in the name of Tajiri and Torrie Wilson is going on here? The fans are in for a surprise, and this ultimately could  lead to a return of Ric Flair, or a chance for Ziggler to cash in his contract when Sheamus beats Big Show but is so hurt by repetitive chair shots that Ziggler finally shows he can “steal the show.”

If this was a match that could live up to the hype, then these are two superstars who could push each other without all the outside attention. It might be even better than CM Punk and Cena was. The feud has lost a little of its luster recently since Ryback has been thrown into the concoction.

Ziggler is every bit the showman he needs to be, and his in-ring performance recently with The Miz and Randy Orton has been on point. Cena has taken his game a notch below, having to sit in “dating purgatory” with this new storyline that is quite awful in my estimation.

In the end, however, it makes sense for many reasons and is another way for the WWE to show that it can build a champion from an odd, if not crazy storyline.

Remember, CM Punk loves crazy chicks, but in the end, it is AJ Lee who loves bad boys. And John Cena is in no way a bad boy.

Cena loses, Ziggler wins and AJ actually steals the show.

And we haven’t really discussed what happens to Vickie Guerrero.

Excuse Me?