WresleMania 25!!-11 Reasons Why This Will Be The Event, Ever! Prove Me Wrong!

Blue ChipCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2009

Wrestlemania 25 ! The reasons are many, the critics are plenty, but this is THE most anticipated event! Ever! Wrestlemania 25!

This year, we have a wonderful, historic, Wrestlemania to look forward to. This is shaping up to be the best event I can remember, in a long time, if not, ever!

Here are my reasons, this is going to blow the top off of Texas.


1. The line up, the card, is amazing, with just the matches in quantity alone.

Normally, we have had 5 events, for every, single, Pay Per View, since 90's, 2000. In the past, all of the events, especially, the "big 4," (as those were the only ones) always had 8 matches.

The matches sometimes sucked and were only on the cards because of the standard for those event's match quantity. Now, we already have at least 9 matches! That is more than I can recall for any event before this.

We will most likely see Swagger defend at WM as well, making 10 matches!


2. Back when the "big 4" were in play, WWF did not have the large amount of superstars that they do now. The roster was limited and had the same stars over the years. The WWF had the smaller roster for a couple of reasons.

The first, is that WWE simply did not have the following it does today. WWF was a circus show/ carnival, in the eyes of many, when the big four days.

The wrestlers, or potential wrestlers, saw the promotion in a similar light. Not many wanted to watch wrestling, be a wrestler, or could afford to spend the large amount of time, for such a small income.


3. The budget for this event will be astounding. At every Pay Per View, there is always a larger budget than a TV show. Even on television, we have seen beer and milk trucks, limousines and rising platforms...etc. for a simple entrance.

Each Superstar, has more pyro. than ANY entire TNA event. At the very beginning of each show, we see the huge amount of pyro and we see a full screen set, accompanied by a Titantron for each entrance.

This time, that will be a mere joke, as to the cash thrown into this event's set and execution. The PPV's are huge, but this one has to top them all.

If WM25, is to make history, the set alone, has to be a pure spectacle. We need to see pictures of past events, that will make this one historic, we need to see a unique amount of decorations and stimulating props, we need to see...


4. The quality of these matches. We have a great card!

1. Taker vs. HBK, 2. Orton v.s HHH, 3. Cena vs. Show vs. Edge. 4. Diva battle royal, 5. Money in the Bank, 6. Dirt Sheet vs. The Colons, 7. Jeff vs. Matt, 8. Jericho vs. Legends, 9. ECW Title Match, 10. JBL vs. Rey... These are looking DAMN good!

5. The fact that we have these new match ideas. These days, we have triple threats, we have the " Orton rules", we have M.I.T.B., we have so many types.


6. The build up. We have not seen a Pay Per View, for two whole months! That is a long time for the WWE to go, without trying to make that cash.

I have to admit though, I miss 'em too. This makes me, other fans, much more eager to see anything.

7. The story lines we have now are so much better than the big-4 days. We have great rivalries that have been brewing for some time. Potential for more surprises...

8. The quality of the stars themselves. Today we have a roster filled with tried and tested Superstars of the past, who we now pay more respect to, than we ever have in the past.

We havea roster of new blood. We have a promising amount of yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's future H.O.F.


9. Financial WWE troubles. They need to bring in more fans. We know the WWE has fallen on hard financial times.

There are, and will be new fans, seeing this event, that are not into WWE or never have been. WWE must draw in more fans to keep it going.


10. My opinionwe need to see something that will make us all say, "DAMN!" not just in story, not just in spectacle; we need to look back and have dvd after dvd; we need to see a real, "historic night."

I also love where this is all going. Also, dropping Koslov from the scene, was like a warm blanket.


11. Hard financial times for all of us. In all recessions, especially the depression(s) the entertainment medium has traditionally stepped up its game.

To pull us all out of our financially depressing, emotionally sad, and bleak times, we need to see something that is damn good.This has always been the tradition in times like this. 


Damn this one was long!, if you stuck with me 'til the end of this one, I gotta,-

---------Thank you for reading,

-----The Blue Chip