Ryback Is Another Missed Opportunity by the WWE and Vince McMahon

David LevinSenior Writer IINovember 24, 2012


Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff and Jimmy Snuka.

They were three major players in the WWF during the mid-1980s, part of Vince McMahon’s attempt to make sports entertainment a household name.

While McMahon was successful at doing just that and the three wrestlers were instrumental in wrestling’s biggest movement at the time, none of the three were able to fit the glass slipper and hold the WWF title.

McMahon, for whatever reason, believed that bigger, stronger, more “hulking” wrestlers should be champion.

What would have happened if McMahon had chosen Snuka as his gateway (champion) to a new and exciting form of wrestling entertainment?

McMahon has a way of doing things, but they do not always make sense to you and me. There was a time when McMahon wanted the charismatic Hulk Hogan to live the mantra, make all the wishes come true and beat the AWA and NWA into oblivion.

Today, McMahon seems to still be interested in the idea of “bigger” is better with champions, but he may have lost a golden opportunity with the Ryback character and how he has been used the past two months.

Instead of feeding the “Big Hungry” more, McMahon and the writers of the WWE (maybe even Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley), are missing a chance for a fresh face to lead the company and see if McMahon’s theory of “size does matter” will work in this new “Attitude Era” that appears to be taking shape.

CM Punk has been champion of the WWE for 370 days and counting. It would appear he will remain champion through the end of the year if my guess is correct.

There are rumors about him competing against Ryback again, which should make this the third time we will see Ryback screwed out of the WWE title at TLC. 

It defies logic that McMahon and his boys are convinced having The Rock in the main event of the Royal Rumble and possibly winning the title (he cannot lose the title if the buildup has been this long) is a good thing for the WWE.

Ryback represents the future of the company with Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Damien Sandow and others. Now, after this PPV, he may become a forgotten man in the title picture.

About two months ago, I said that using Ryback as a middle man was not a good thing, and while the popularity of the “Batista-like” character is great, it will not help this wrestler in the end. John Cena’s injury caused the WWE to panic, and therefore the writers found what they thought was the perfect “go-between.”

They seem to never have plans for the future, and the new invasion of Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose is a compelling part of an angle that really has no legs right now until there is more definition about the storyline.

Sorry, WWE, but you screwed up again. Conceptually it is a great idea, but think backward instead this time. It is one of the few things Eric Bischoff did in his early days at WCW that really paid off.

If I am wrong and the WWE brass have a plan to put the strap on Ryback at TLC and then have him face The Rock at the Royal Rumble, then great—it makes sense for that one night. But then the WWE will have another logistical issue with a movie star who is not in the company night in and night out.

And having The Rock face John Cena at WrestleMania 29 (which could be an option) only proves the company cannot move forward with its current talent on the roster.

The idea that one man’s injury (Cena) caused a firestorm of nerves led to this. And in the end, Ryback for all his size, strength and power, may be crumbled into a puddle and forgotten before the middle of next year as the possible future of the WWE.

What a waste.