WWE News: Potential WrestleMania Opponents for Undertaker and the Rock Revealed

Gone Baby GoneContributerNovember 23, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, it's time to speculate who The Undertaker will face at next years WrestleMania.

Now, not only is 'Taker's potential opponent being rumored, but so is The Rock's. So here is the first in a long line of potential wrestlers that could be facing both stars.

According to F4Woline.com (via WrestlingInc.com):

With CM Punk retaining the WWE Championship against Ryback and John Cena at Survivor Series on Sunday, thereby likely solidifying an expected match with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at Royal Rumble, the sports-entertainment organization's creative team has discussed a scenario where The Straight Edge Superstar would defeat The Great One at the annual January pay-per-view event. This would subsequently lead to Punk defending the title against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXIX, and Johnson facing Cena in a non-title re-match at the same event.

Overall, if this scenario were to play out, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Let's face it, Rock-Cena I gave the WWE its biggest WrestleMania draw to date. Granted, the rematch may not garner the same turnout, but it will definitely draw fan interest. I think it's safe to say that this match was one of the best matches at this year's event.

Ultimately, both men gave their all to ensure that the match lived up to the hype. Keep in mind that The Rock truly has nothing left to prove in the company. In fact, his current run with the WWE is really as a featured attraction. Which, to me, should remain that way as long as he can put on a solid match.

The fact is, if fans can give The Undertaker a pass and allow him to wrestle once a year, why not The Rock?

Now, on to Punk and The Undertaker. To me, this match has some potential, as both men can not only put on a show, but would surely deliver a solid storyline to lead into the match.

Personally, I feel that the only way the WWE could make this bigger would be to have The Rock, Sting or John Cena take on "The Dead Man." Not only would it be a solid feature match, but it would also free up CM Punk to take on a legitimate contender for the WWE title.

In the end, if the WWE can pull this off, it has the potential of delivering solid back-to-back and, dare I say, belly-to-belly WrestleManias. This could potentially bring casual fans back the product.

Now, if they can only figure out what to do with Brock Lesnar.