An MMA Thanksgiving: The UFC Lightweights and Other Things We Are Thankful For

Jonathan Snowden@JESnowdenCombat Sports Senior WriterNovember 22, 2012

An MMA Thanksgiving: The UFC Lightweights and Other Things We Are Thankful For

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    While you enjoy your turkey and pretend to enjoy fellowship with your extended family, we here at Bleacher Report have been slaving away in our own proverbial kitchen, bringing you yet another list.

    But this? This isn't just any list. This is a list of things in the world of mixed martial arts that we, your humble Bleacher Report staff, are thankful for.

    Agree with our lists? Thankful for something else, like Ronda Rousey's short pants or Dana White's tight T-shirts? Let us know in the comments.

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Bleacher Report MMA. And to our readers hailing from Canada or other countries, happy Thursday.

Duane Finley on Lightweights and More

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    Duane Finley (UFC Profiler. Part-Time Truck Driver. All Man):

    I'm thankful for the UFC lightweight division.

    I'm thankful for five-round main events.

    I'm thankful for the raw power of the beards worn by Roy Nelson and Johny Hendricks.

    I'm thankful for Jon Jones' elbows.

    I'm thankful for the varying degrees of fury which come from Diego Sanchez's Twitter.

    I'm thankful for the responses given by Aaron Simpson in my pre-fight interview requests.

    I'm thankful my career has granted me a life jam-packed with transcriptions.

Jeremy Botter on Canada and Condit

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    Jeremy Botter (mustache grower, rock star, MMA lead writer):

    I am thankful for my job. It is the best job in the whole world. And I am thankful for those who helped me along the way. You know who you are.

    I am thankful for Canada. Outside of the terrible cold, you are pretty awesome. And your women are even more awesome.

    I am thankful for Diego Sanchez. Everyone needs a crazy person in their life, and he is mine.

    I am thankful for Georges St-Pierre, for proving that he is still pretty awesome.

    I am also thankful for Carlos Condit, who proved he is pretty awesome, too.

    I am thankful for my UFC interim title. And thankful I will never have to defend it.

    I am thankful to my thanksgiving turkey for stepping up.

    And most of all, I am thankful to all of you who read my drivel every day.

Scott Harris on Strikeforce and Snark

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    Scott Harris (List-maker extraordinaire, low man on the totem pole):

    I'm thankful that Rampage Jackson has a place to stay and food on his table tonight, despite his desperate financial situation.

    I'm thankful for Korean Zombies.

    I'm thankful for our inalienable right to explore churches while naked. Because when you're looking for a new place to worship, you need to think about these things.

    I'm thankful that criminal behavior no longer prevents you from getting a job as a professional fighter.

    I'm thankful for the Edson Barboza wheel kick.

    I'm thankful I was vacationing at the beach when all that 151 stuff happened.

    I'm thankful I'll never get Anderson Silva as a retirement gift.

    I'm thankful that Strikeforce is no longer suffering.

    I'm thankful the boom never came for me.

    I'm thankful for continued peaceful relations between promoters and fighters.

    I'm thankful for Andy Kaufman-style performance exhibitions on Ariel Helwani's Internet show.

    I'm thankful for Chael P. Sonnen.

Jonathan Snowden on the Fertittas and the Great Chael P.

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    Jonathan Snowden (extra chin haver, MMA lead writer):

    I'm thankful for Chael P. Sonnen making UFC 148 the hottest fight in years. And for Anderson Silva showing us in the aftermath what true greatness looks like. That was quite a night, even spent in the nosebleeds with the likes of Matt Roth.

    I'm thankful for Brian, Trent and Matt "The Sacc" behind the curtains here at Bleacher Report MMA. They make it look effortless and are a big part of what can only be described as some incredible growth this year.

    I'm thankful for Spike TV and their refusal to give up on the sport they helped build here in America. Next year should be a pretty exciting time as Bellator explodes on the national scene.

    I'm thankful for Rashad Evans and all the other fighters who gave me a glimpse inside their lives in the days leading up to some of the biggest moments of their careers. It was eye opening and a lot of fun. I learned so much, especially about the comfort zone that exists when a support staff doubles as a second family.

    Most of all, I'm thankful as always for Lorenzo and "Three Sticks" Fertitta who put their money behind this great sport more than a decade ago. They rescued this industry from what was starting to look like a long and ugly death and built it into an industry that can even support a schlub like me. Great men in my book.