2009 NCAA March Madness Live Blog Walker-Sports Style

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2009

What's up everyone? After some time off, we are back and ready to have some fun.

Today we kick off our first installment of live blogs for the 2009 March Madness NCAA Tournament. This should be fun.

Currently, we are watching the 8 vs. 9 game featuring Butler vs. LSU.

What will make this year's Tournament and picks fun for me is that I did no prep work. That's right—I spent the last week in Ireland playing rugby and made my first bracket at 8 AM today. So who knows what to expect.

I'm taking a little trip to watch the Memphis vs. CS Northridge (I have no idea who that is).

It amazes me at how accepting and lenient bosses are when it comes to March Madness

Is it bad that I have Uconn winning my bracket and I have little faith in them? In all fairness, it was my hatred of UNC and a lack of faith in OU that made me go Uconn.

CS North may be the best competition Memphis has faced since playing Xavier back in November

It's refreshing to hear Jim Nance's voice. Always love his work.

Memphis just does not look good.

CS North is not going quietly into the night, and I like it.

Butler has battled back, and they are proving why they are a good team.

Memphis has caught my attention for all the wrong reasons, however.

Between the Butler game and the CS North game, we are off to a good start to the 2009 NCAA Tournament

Looks like Butler couldn't pull it out.

Butler goes down and Memphis stands strong after an early scare. I got to say I was doubtful of Memphis before the tourney, and today's game just confirmed my fears.

Why do I keep thinking that Northern Iowa will be the team to pull the 12 vs. 5 upset this year when they knock off Purdue?

Okay, I could have been completely wrong with that prediction. Purdue seems more than able to destroy Northern Iowa.

Moving on to the Maryland game, guess I should support one local team.

Let's go Radford: stand up for Virginia and beat North Carolina.

I didn't even know Radford was a Division I team.

Maryland basketball is hard on the eyes.

I'll be so happy when Tyler H leaves UNC.


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