Word Life Vol. 24: The Wrestlemania 25 Snubs

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 24, 2017


Does he have some charisma or what? The fans love him right? I do, "What's up?!" I was really hyped when news broke out that Truth would be returning to the WWE. He didn't disappoint.

He returned as great as he always was, with his razzle-dazzle swift moves, great atheticism and one nasty scissor kick (Sorry Booker!). He's really entertaining, granted he doesn't talk that much on the mic, "What's up?!" Is all that's needed.

He has had some great matches and many looked forward to him being apart of Wrestlemania this year. I assumed and awaited Truth's chance to enter the MITB. When almost every spot was taken, there was a battle royal for a spot on ECW.

Unfortunately, Truth lost and Christian got the spot. All eight spots were filled for the MITB and Truth was on the outside looking in. It is a shame, he would have fit perfectly into that match.

I really question the spots of Finlay, Mark Henry, maybe Kane, and Christian. I really thought Truth could have been in this match. He could have been given more exposure from just participating in the match, as well as providing some sick moves and crazy spots.

Can you imagine what Truth could do with a ladder? He's been snubbed in my opinion. Now he, many, and I are literally saying "What's up?!"



Rey Mysterio

The MITB snubbed yet another guy. Cases could be made for Miz and Morrison, but they were destined for that tag team unification match. The master of the 6-1-9 has been brushed aside and left out of the MITB. Rey no doubt would fit in that match, it's along his lines so he wouldn't have to adapt like Henry needs to do.

We all know that he challenged JBL for the IC title at Wrestlemania and might get his match. Snubbed doesn't mean that you won't be at the show, but you were bamboozled. BLASEPMY!

JBL vs. Rey has been done one too many times and not many want to see that match again. Some could say that it is necessary, but there is no justification or bright side to a possible JBL vs. Mysterio match, it's just horrendous and stale. I'm not a big Mysterio fan, heck I don't even like him, but he was snubbed nonetheless.



Chris Jericho

It's alright that he didn't win the MITB last year, he's an established superstar. Y2J just might be the biggest snub here. Every year someone had to take one for the company. I guess WWE finally gave Big Show a title shot because he took one too many hits for the company.

Show was the scapegoat. He not only had a match with Floyd Mayweather Jr., but he had a sumo match with Akebono! Big Show in diapers?! He has taken too much, so WWE had to find someone else. With  muscle-head Batista on the shelf and most of the top card wrestlers in stories, Jericho was left to take the fall.

He has had a roller coaster ride. First he engages in a feud with actor Mickey Rourke after he called him out on the red carpet of the SAG awards. The feud escalated to Larry King Live, then Rourke dropped out because he was nervous that working with WWE would ruin his Oscar changes. (He lost to Milk).

Jerry Lawler rumors surfaced. Stone Cold rumors were running wild as Hogan rumors were and things went downhill. Austin rumors were different every week, Hogan lost tons of money in his divorce, got humiliated on TMZ, and had back surgery.

Then Jericho helped WWE advertise their "Legends of Wrestlemania" game by beating up legends every week looking like a watered down Randy Orton in his legend-killer days. After weeks, Flair, Piper, Snuka, and Steamboat surrounded and jumped Jericho.

The latest rumor is that Jericho will face the three minus Flair in a 3-on-1 legends handicap match. My goodness, this is shit...Jericho is really taking the hit this year. Bring Stone Cold is all I can say.

I don't want Austin, but at least he can sort of make up for this nonsense. Granted Jericho is still Jericho, he has been wasted this year. Waste of time and talent. Is this Karma for Y2J? Calling everyone sellouts and hypocrites has finally caught up to him.



Cryme Tyme and Priceless

They aren't the best of teams around and they might have not deserve to be in the show, but if you have room—use them. The tag team unification title match could have included more teams. Cryme Tyme and Priceless could have been great additions.

It has been years since we've seen a muti-team tag team match for a championship. Not since Wrestlemania 19 have we've seen such a match (World's Greatest Tag Team retained their belts). It Wrestlemania 25 right! The anniversary! The more the merrier.

These two teams could have spiced up the match big time. Heck, even go for Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio, that would be one killer tag team. Rey has been snubbed, Cryme Tyme wasn't even thought about, and Bourne just came back.

Granted the Colons and MNM2 had a feud going an sticking in my teams would be a awkward, but what the heck go for it. Priceless is looking like worthless right now. Our two favorite future stars of the company are nothing more than Orton's henchmen and Triple H's weekly victims.

They haven't really been given a chance since this whole Legacy faction formed. It's been all about Orton and the two fools follow him around like zombies. They've been snubbed.



ECW/IC/U.S Titles

The IC title has a chance of being defended, so why did I put it up? Even if JBL defends the belt, the match is going to be one many don't want to see. JBL has had one heck of ride and is finally a grand slam champion, but his back is nagging him again.

WWE didn't even bother to try to build up something for the IC belt for Wrestlemania. Instead, JBL gets the strap from CM Punk and might end up facing Rey Mysterio for the belt. We all know it's probably for the sake of the belt, but do you want to see that match? Rey was snubbed, and the IC belt was snubbed...then again it was snubbed for quite sometime now.

The U.S. title won't be defended as well. It is a shame too. I remember Chris Benoit vs MVP for the strap at Wrestlemania 22. The match was great and this year the belt won't be defended. The two wrestlers feuding over the belt, Shelton Benjamin and MVP, has both gained entry to the MITB.

I really wouldn't have minded seeing Christian face Jack Swagger for the ECW title. Instead, he is thrown into the MITB, where everyone is dubbing him the winner already (Really?). With Finlay, Henry, and Christian all in the MITB the ECW title is right on track to being snubbed.

Evan Bourne is possibly the only one left who could take on Swagger at the big one, but he just came back. Bourne also has not build up with Swagger, so the match would look a bit weird. With nothing in sight, I have to say that the ECW title...and Swagger...were snubbed.

—There are probably more were snubbed and or some who some felt were, outlooks are welcome.