Amazing Alex Yallouz Adds Competitive Dimension to Ravens Team

Mark Staffieri@@MarkStaff100Contributor IINovember 22, 2012

Image courtesy of Carleton Ravens athletics
Image courtesy of Carleton Ravens athletics

Hailing from Vancouver, Alex Yallouz made a cross-country commitment to join the Ravens. The third-year communications major is quick to acknowledge that various factors appealed to her in making the decision to play with the Ravens.

“It was a combination of things. When I saw some schools, including a few different ones in Ontario, Carleton stood out. On my priority list, this was a good fit academically. It is important because I see myself as a student first, so it is a perfect combination,” she said.

Since joining the Ravens, her head coach has been Shelley Coolidge. “Shelley has put together a great experience. I learned a lot from Shelley. She emphasizes the little details, which is good. Her style of coaching is similar to who I played with prior to Carleton. It was an easy transition. Her emphasis on the little things has made me a better all-around player,” Yallouz said.

Besides her playing career, Yallouz has also taken the opportunity to blog about her personal experiences on the website Women’s Hockey Life, administered by CWHL Boston Blades player Jaclyn Hawkins.

“Jaclyn approached Shelley, and asked if a girl (from the Ravens) would be interested in writing for the website," Yallouz said. "I was one of the first to have written for the site. Academically, I had a background in English writing. It is a fantastic experience. The privilege of having watched the site grow to what it is now is great.”

In discussing with Yallouz the experience of chronicling her experiences with the Ravens, the question of whether her teammates are happy for her is discussed. “I think so," she said. "I like to have fun with it. We also talk about what we do outside of hockey as teammates. It shows young girls that there is more than just hockey (in university). We want them to see the whole experience.”

One of the key aspects that are evident about Yallouz on the ice is her remarkable enthusiasm. A strong skater who is quick to stand up for her teammates, one cannot help but see the great pride she takes in help giving the Ravens a chance to win. Yallouz also finds ways to bring humor into the game. “I love to dance a bit on the bench, to keep it light,” she said.

In many ways, Yallouz is one of the leaders on the Ravens. “I would say so," she said. "Coming into more of a leadership role, it is positive, and the energy makes it fun. Everything I do, I give it 110 percent. If it is not fun, I will not do it. It is a fabulous experience (at Carleton).”

Employing remarkable maturity in her role with the Ravens, the assiduous Yallouz is quick to acknowledge the importance all her teammates have in shaping the culture of Carleton’s women’s hockey team. “There are all kinds of leaders (on the Ravens)," she said. "If I can make the person next to me smile, I feel I have done my job as a leader.”


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