Greg Jackson Says He Won't Ever Watch GSP and Carlos Condit Fight

Jordy McElroy@ INovember 21, 2012

Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit - MMAFighting
Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit - MMAFighting

Greg Jackson will never watch the UFC welterweight title bout between his beloved students Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit.

The MMA guru has been torn ever since the St-Pierre and Condit bout was announced.

When two of his students fight one another, Jackson typically steps out of the picture and refuses to provide coaching for either side, but there was something different about St-Pierre and Condit.

Jackson couldn't even bring himself to watch the fight.

"It was too personal for me, and I love both of those guys. It is just business, and they did what they had to do, but for me, it was kind of a personal thing, and it's not something I enjoy. I hung out with the family and didn't participate," Jackson said during an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

It has been nine months since Jackson last cornered Condit and nearly two years for St-Pierre.

With St-Pierre recovering from a torn ACL, the training camp for UFC 154 was incredibly long. As the interim welterweight champ, Condit was willing to sit on the sidelines and give St-Pierre time to rehab and fully recover from the injury.

This made things tougher on Jackson, who was faced with an elongated period of not being able to coach two of his top fighters.

Luckily for Jackson, none of his other fighters were on the card, which allowed him to skip the event entirely.

On fight night, St-Pierre and Condit delivered in putting on one of the best title fights in 2012. St-Pierre retained his UFC title, but both fighters left the Octagon bloodied and bruised.

Jackson admitted to not following play-by-play or anything related to UFC 154. His primary concern after the fight was making sure that neither fighter suffered any significant injuries.

Jackson continued in the interview:

A few people asked if I was watching it, and I said no. It wasn't like I was dying for play-by-play or anything like that. I got updates after it was done. Everybody let me know that it was good, and everyone was okay. That was my main concern, that everybody was fine. Time to move on I guess.

I [don't think I'll ever watch it].