Power Ranking Top Recruits Attending the Michigan vs. Ohio State Clash

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Power Ranking Top Recruits Attending the Michigan vs. Ohio State Clash

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    Michigan and Ohio State have one of the most intense rivalries in college football, so don't expect this year's clash to be any less heated.

    The Wolverines are trying to play the spoiler role against Ohio State, as the Buckeyes enter this game undefeated at 11-0, and even though a one-year bowl ban is preventing them from playing in the postseason, bragging rights, pride and an undefeated season are still on the line.

    This game is essentially Ohio State's championship game, but it's also going to be huge in terms of recruiting.

    There are a ton of elite recruits planning on being at "The Game," especially 2014 recruits, so the outcome could really impact some immediate decisions, as well as a few long-term ones as well.

    Here are the top recruits attending Michigan vs. Ohio State:

    Visit information (2013 visitors and 2014 visitors) courtesy of Bill Kurelic of 247Sports.com.

5. Trey Johnson, 4-Star LB, Central Gwinnett High School (GA)

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    4-star linebacker Trey Johnson is an Auburn recruit, so it's very interesting that he's going to be at this game instead of at the Iron Bowl.

    Johnson is considered to be the No. 3 inside linebacker recruit in the nation according to the 247Sports composite rankings, so he would be a huge recruit for Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes to steal.

    Even though he's committed to Auburn, Ohio State is listed as a "cool interest" still on his 247Sports interest list, and the Buckeyes have made an offer to him.

    According to Kurelic of 247Sports, this will be an official visit for Johnson, so making a good impression with him could really shake things up in regards to his recruitment, especially with all the uncertainty surrounding Auburn right now.

4. James Quick, 4-Star WR, Trinity High School (KY)

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    4-star wide receiver James Quick has been a major target for Meyer and his staff for a while now, so it's a great sign that he'll be at this showdown.

    Quick has Louisville as his top team according to 247Sports, but Ohio State is the No. 2 team on his list, so this visit could very well determine where the receiver ends up playing.

    247Sports also has him listed at 6'2'', 180 pounds, running a 4.40 40, so he has the size and speed to be a great wide receiver at the college level.

    Quick would be a huge addition to Meyer's 2013 class, and this will be an official visit.

3. Jalen Hurd, 5-Star RB, Beech Senior High School (TN) *2014

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    5-star running back Jalen Hurd is just a junior recruit, but he already looks like he has the intangibles to be a star.

    He's 6'2.5'', 210 pounds according to 247Sports, so he has great size for his age. His early interest list includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Michigan, as well as Ohio State, so a win over Michigan could give the Buckeyes a big boost in the early goings of his recruitment.

    Hurd has the potential to be a superstar, and he'd be a great fit in Ohio State's offense.

    He's a very important junior recruit at this game.

2. Raekwon McMillan, 5-Star ILB, Liberty County High School (GA) *2014

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    Raekwon McMillan is another junior recruit, but he's easily one of the most important prospects scheduled to be in Columbus.

    He's 6'3'', 236 pounds and runs a 4.65 40 according to 247Sports, as just a junior in high school mind you.

    McMillan is the 247Sports composite No. 1 overall 2014 inside linebacker recruit, and his current top three features Georgia, Clemson and Ohio State, but he also has "warm" interest in Alabama and USC.

    He's an elite 2014 recruit, so the fact that he's going to be at this game on rivalry weekend should be thrilling to Ohio State fans.

1. Da'Shawn Hand, 5-Star DE, Woodbridge High School (VA) *2014

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    5-star defensive end Da'Shawn Hand is the Robert Nkemdiche of 2014, and he's reportedly going to be in attendance for this epic game.

    Hand is the consensus No. 1 overall junior recruit, and he has the intangibles to back it up. He's listed at 6'5'', 247 pounds and is down for running a 4.60 40 according to 247Sports.

    He has an elite combination of size and speed, and he projects to be a superstar in college.

    Virginia Tech is currently on top of his interest list, but Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio State are all right behind the Hokies.

    This is going to be an epic game for the 5-star defensive end to take in, and a win could really put Ohio State in good favor with 2014's star recruit.

    He may be just a junior, but Hand is undoubtedly the most talented recruit that will be at "The Game."

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