Tyler Hansbrough: Why Is Everyone Picking on Him?

Steven J. WardContributor IMarch 19, 2009

In watching the University of North Carolina in their first round match-up against a far superior or at least equitable opponent Radford, I am somewhat amazed even shocked at the cruel way others seem to be bullying that nice Tyler Hansbrough.

I have witnessed, since the beginning of the game, his being mauled and mashed leaving him maligned as he tries like the true champion he is to parallel himself again and again on the hardwood floor.

Let us face facts. Tyler is only seven feet tall and a mere 280 lbs., and is being unmercifully thrashed by much smaller players.

He reminds me of a lively fish pulled from his watery place to a dry place, trying to get home again. Flip-flopping about is he, rather comically, as a fish out of water..

It appears, also, that dear Tyler is rewarded by those striped ones and given "free throws" at the basket with such regularity that there must be some special rule concerning him in that he is assured of a certain number of points accumulated.

I have seen this, come to think of it, repeatedly throughout the season.

I do hope they do not hurt Tyler. The other players just treat him far too rough.

Could it be the others don't like him? or perhaps they are just jealous because he is indeed a favorite with the ones that blow those con-founded whistles all the time; Mr. Hansbrough is allowed to walk around even with the ball where others are not as well as jump into the players on the other team probably due to him being happy. In any case I have always heard that if a person in charge likes another person he is given special permission to do most anything just like Tyler is. They all must really, really like him!

Oh, there it is again, he flopped! Oh, I mean was knocked down again by those little meanies; they should try to help him more like the rest of the men do.