Boxing Legend Hector Camacho Dead at the Age of 50 After Shooting in Puerto Rico

Ian HanfordFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2012

8 Apr 2000:  Hector Camacho throws a right hook at Bob Elkins during the third round at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Camacho won by technical knockout. Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon/ALLSPORT
Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

Boxing legend Hector Camacho has passed away after being shot in a drive-by shooting Tuesday night, according to ESPN. The Worldwide Leader reported that the boxing great had been taken off of life support on Saturday morning and died shortly thereafter.  

TMZ had the news following the attack:

The former boxing champ was reportedly in the passenger seat of a car around 7 PM local time ... when another vehicle rolled up and someone opened fire ... striking Camacho several times in the neck and face. 

The driver of Camacho's car was reportedly killed in the attack.

Camacho was 79-6-3 in his illustrious career in the ring, registering 38 knockouts in the process. Fans from different generations know his name because of his impressive victories and his catchy "Macho" nickname.

Camacho won championships in three different weight classes. His longest came at the light welterweight level, where he reigned for nearly two years straight as the WBO champion.

Losing a figure like Camacho is a tragedy, especially when it happens like this. He had an incredible career in terms of wins and longevity, using guile, speed and power to dominate in the ring.

The 50-year-old's legacy in the ring will live on through his son Hector Camacho Jr., who is 52-4-1 in his impressive career.

Camacho's death marks a sad day for his family and a sad day for the boxing world.