Love Bleacher Report? These Guys Are Must-Reads

Lou CappettaAnalyst IIMarch 19, 2009

I have been a proud member of the Bleacher Report community for a little more than a month now. In that short amount of time, I have written 27 articles, received 431 comments, and over 14,000 article reads.

I have loved every minute of writing the articles and responding to comments (even the ones that weren't so nice when I wrote an article about Chipper Jones being overrated).

It has become such a passion for me, that if I miss a day of writing an article, I feel like I'm becoming a slacker.

Just as much as I enjoy writing on Bleacher Report, I enjoy reading my fellow amateur sports journalists' articles, as well as meeting interesting characters.

I have read some of the most profound, thought-provoking, and well-researched articles I have ever read anywhere. Many of these articles and their writers could put many professionals to shame.

So, if you love Bleacher Report as much as I do, or even if you're new to the community, check these writers out; I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Bryn Swartz, senior writer

My Favorite Article: Why Kurt Warner is NOT a Hall of Famer

To read his articles, you would think Bryn Swartz was a pro writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, not a 19 year-old college student.

He is a senior writer, Philadelphia Eagles community leader, and the No. 3 overall NFL writer on Bleacher Report. Bryn is also a member of the Society of American Baseball Research.

A die-hard Eagles and Phillies fan, no other writer seems to have his finger on the pulse of the Philly sports scene quite like Swartz, and this is coming from a METS fan!


Hotnuke, columnist

My Favorite Article: Crunching the Numbers: Is There a Case For Dwyane Wade As MVP?

Daniel Barber, aka Hotnuke, is a very well-rounded writer. He covers all sports well, especially when he is talking about his favorite teams from south Florida. 'Nuke has written 22 articles, six of which have garnered the coveted Bleacher Report "Pick of The Day" (something I have yet to accomplish...c'mon, people, show me love).

Hotnuke really shines, however, when writing "outside the box." He's written great articles about the "Four Keys to Writing a Successful Bleacher Report Article", wrote a superb tribute to my favorite sports publication The Sporting News, and even showed a great satirical sense of humor in an article about T.O. and Bill Parcells' reunion in Miami.

Plus, if his relentless campaigning somehow helps D-Wade win the NBA MVP award, the Republican Party may want to look into hiring Hotnuke in four years.


Mike Anderson, scribe

My Favorite Article: The 100 Greatest Everyday Players in MLB History

I love baseball. I love talking baseball, I love the nuances of the game, and I love the fact that if you try to talk baseball, and you don't know what you're talking about, it shows. Mike Anderson knows baseball.

Mike has only written nine articles, eight of which have been baseball related, but those articles have been chock full of great writing and even better research.

He has written a four-part slide show ranking the 100 greatest players in MLB history and has completed the same type of slide show for pitchers. It's easy to see Mike left no stone unturned, and the amount of research and thought put in to the list is remarkable.

It is a great ongoing series, maybe even the best on the entire site. Even if you don't agree with some of his rankings (Larry Walker better than Yogi Berra?), he'll back up everyone of his picks with a solid argument every time, while still being able to listen to any good points a reader may make.

If you love baseball, especially baseball history, then you're going to love Mike Anderson's articles.Richard Marsh, analyst

My Favorite Article: Fantasy Baseball: From Fan to Fantasyland

You always have to be a little weary of any transplanted New Yorker living in Las Vegas, but if Richard Marsh is in the witness protection program, he better hope the people looking for him don't like great articles on Bleacher Report.

Marsh, a fellow New York Mets' fan, has been watching baseball since the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. He has written 52 articles and is currently ranked No. 2 on the New York Mets' writer rankings.

He is one of my favorite writers for my favorite baseball team. Any Mets' fan should definitely check out his articles.

Richard also writes about college basketball, especially his beloved UNLV Rebels. As a casual NCAA basketball fan who doesn't pay attention to the sport until March, Marsh gives great insight and in-depth reporting.

He's in tune with the sport as much as anybody, and his insight will make even the casual NCAA basketball fan feel like an expert.


Jason Burke, scribe

My Favorite Article: The Night I Became A Man: UFC 96

I admit that this pick is a bit biased, because not only did Jason introduce me to Bleacher Report, but he has also been one of my best friends for almost 15 years. He was even the best man at my wedding.

That being said, for years one of our passions has always been talking sports. We are both die-hard Mets' and Knicks' fans. He also likes the Jets, but hey, nobody's perfect.

Besides being one of the most well-versed, insightful, and intelligent writers on Bleacher Report, Jason has had a tone of self-deprecating and sometimes satirical humor.

He knows his sports, but never comes off as a "know-it-all." He makes excellent points and will be the first to acknowledge a rival excellent point, even if he doesn't agree.

As far as I'm concerned, nobody knows New York sports better than Burke, including myself (except for football, because if he did he would have been a Giants fan). He can easily talk about any team in the town and is brighter than some of the sports talk Radio hosts in The City.

As good as Jason is at talking sports, he's even better at talking politics. If Jon Stewart is reading this, you better watch out for Jason Burke.

As you can see, most of these writers reflect my main interests, such as baseball. If you happen to be new to the community, you should definitely check these guys out.

There are also plenty of other excellent writer on here worth mentioning, such as Nick Carlo, Bob Warja, Cameron Britt, Ben Brown, Mike Kent, Zander Freund, Captain Fear, Matthew Irby, and too many more to list.

As for all you writers out there, thanks for the hours of great reading and entertainment. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep reading.