Why the Phenom and the Showstopper Will Steal the Show at Wrestlemania XXV

Ste EccCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2009

Wrestlemania XXV is getting closer and closer, and the matches are starting to raise a lot of discussion.

There are a lot of great matches on the card, and some massive implications. Either the Colons or Miz and Morrison will unify the tag team titles. Money in the Bank is always a great match. John Cena, Edge, and the Big Show will face off for the World Heavyweight title.

There's also a 25-diva battle royal that will showcase some of the finest divas the WWE has seen over the years and Matt and Jeff Hardy will fight it out in a brother-brother match.

“The Game” Triple H will defend his WWE Title against the hottest superstar in the WWE—Randy Orton, in a match that I think will be one of the best we've seen in years.

My pick for the standout match of the night though, is a match that has been 25 years in the making. It's a match that could overshadow the rest of the event, indeed any other match in Wrestlemania history.

It's the “Demon of Death Valley” taking on the “Main Event.” It's the “Lord of Darkness” against the “Headliner.” It's the “Dead Man” against the “Heart Break Kid,” the “Phenom” against “Mr. Wrestlemania,” and most importantly, it's the “Streak” against the “Showstopper.”

This match has divided opinion with everyone I know. Many of these people feel the Undertaker will not lose his Wrestlemania winning streak of 16-0, and yet I know many others who feel there's no one more deserving of the accolade than Shawn Michaels.

Personally I agree with both of these opinions. I don't think anyone in the WWE has better credentials to end the Undertaker's Streak than Michaels. He's been in the business for so long, and achieved so much that if anyone was to defeat the “Dead Man” at Wrestlemania it should be him.

However I also feel that the “Streak” is too big to fall. I genuinely feel the need to give it a capital letter when I write it. If anyone talking about wrestling mentions the “Streak,” anyone with any slight knowledge of wrestling immediately knows what they mean.

The “Streak” is the Undertaker's legacy to the WWE. It is something no wrestler will ever accomplish again. It's what his Hall of Fame induction will be based upon.

The Undertaker is a man who has transcended normal wrestling rules. At Wrestlemania it doesn't matter who he faces, or even how many (handicap match at Wrestlemania XIX ring a bell?), he is immortal on the biggest stage, and that's how I think it should stay.

Now believe it or not, I'm not writing this article to discuss whether Shawn Michaels will end the “Streak.”

I'm writing this article because this is one of the biggest matches Wrestlemania has ever seen.

The Undertaker against Shawn Michaels. I get goosebumps just from the anticipation of it already. Two of the legends of the business will be going at it on the grandest stage of them all. Two guaranteed future Hall of Famers facing off at Wrestlemania XXV.

More to the point, two of the finest performers in wrestling history will be putting on a show worthy of the biggest wrestling extravaganza ever. Michaels has long been known as the “Showstopper,” and that's because he is just that. The man is outstanding.

He stole the show last year working with a Ric Flair who'd been past his best for months—some might argue years—and put on a “match of the year display.” That match was incredible, despite the fact Michaels had to pretty much carry Flair through it to give him the sendoff he deserved for being one of the greatest the business has ever seen.

The Undertaker is another one of the best I personally have seen for putting on a memorable match. He has taken some massive matches and feuds and made them live in fans’ memories.

Who can forget his rivalry with Batista leading to Wrestlemania XXIII? How about his return and rivalry with Kane? Or his Hell in a Cell with Mick Foley?

And just this year, who can deny what can only be described as a phenomenal Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matchup with Edge?

Undertaker has brought in the Hell-in-a-Cell, the Casket match, and the Buried Alive match. Michaels is the man who revolutionized the Ladder match, and the first man to go all the way from No. 1 to win the Royal Rumble in 1995.

He also returned after four years out with a broken back after being told he'd never wrestle again.

Both of these men are 43 years old, and both work a lessened schedule to look after their ailing joints. However they both still look in awesome shape, and still have the ability, sheer presence, and character to put on a great match.

The implications (either 17-0 or the end of the “Streak”) of the match, as well as the fact it's two of the biggest names in wrestling history going at it, on a night where the WWE is going to put on a show to end all shows, make me feel this match will go down in wrestling folklore.

People in 20-30 years time and beyond will be saying, "Do you remember when The Undertaker fought Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXV? Now that was a match to remember."

Michaels and 'Taker are going to put their bodies on the line on April 5, and I believe their match is going to be the reason Wrestlemania XXV will be the best ever.