Big Show: The World Heavyweight Champion Is Ranked the Top Guy by the WWE

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2012

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show is No. 1 in’s weekly power rankings. He’s ranked three spots higher than WWE Champion CM Punk and four higher than 12-time champion John Cena.

Not bad for the guy holding the No. 2 belt.

This is the third week Show has been ranked No. 1, first taking the spot after his victory over Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. ( His continued hold on the top spot is in no small part because of his radical, violent and dominant transformation in his feud with The Celtic Warrior.

WWE’s weekly power rankings are put together with the help of the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences (AWAS). The AWAS was founded in 1999 and is the WWE think tank.

Each week wrestlers are ranked based on number of victories, quality of opponents and overall dominance in the ring.

Given that the AWAS is part of the WWE and the whole product is labeled sports entertainment, these rankings may not hold as much weight as NFL rankings.

But what is does show is the WWE’s surging confidence in The World’s Largest Athlete.

Despite Show being the first wrestler, according to, to hold the WWE, WCW and ECW championships, for much of his career he’s been treated as a joke. After WrestleMania XVI, for example, he began to imitate other wrestlers. Among those mocked were Rikishi, The Berzerker and Val Venis.

Until his current feud with Sheamus, Show has hardly been the monster in the ring that he could be. But since his return from a short hiatus this summer, he has been brutalizing his opponents. He’s knocked out Tensai, Brodus Clay and The Great Khali.

Whether the lure of another championship this late in his career or simple chemistry with Sheamus, something has changed inside Show. He’s more focused and has easily taken the fight back to the former world champion.

It appears that the two will clash again at TLC in December, continuing their epic feud.

With three straight weeks in first place, the WWE may finally be taking the big man seriously.